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Sangakkara’s Message on Sri Lanka’s Communal Riots Goes Viral

Tensions are rising in Sri Lanka due to ongoing Buddhist-Muslim riots in Kandy province. In such gruesome circumstances, one of the most influencing cricketers Kumar Sangakkara has come forward and conveyed his message of peace to his fellow Sri Lankans.

What Sangakkara has to say about Communal Riots of Sri Lanka?

The former Sri Lankan cricketer has indeed played his role in giving peace a chance. Sangakkara, who is currently playing with Multan Sultans in PSL 2018, shared a video message on Twitter.

In his message, he said, “My fellow Sri Lankans, Have we learned nothing from recent past, Have we lost sight of basic human decency and love. Or, we so morally corrupt that we don’t know how our mindless actions are endangering our common future.”

He also reminded people of their responsibility as a member of the same state and nation. “We are responsible for the safety and well-being of our neighbors. We are our sisters’ keepers; we are our brothers’ keepers. We have to make sure that in Sri Lanka, anyone and everyone feel safe loved and acceptance, regardless of ethnicity and religion.”

He asked people to respect each other

Sangakkara also asked people to respect each other “When we look into the eyes of our fellow Sri Lankan brothers and sisters, we shouldn’t see a Singhalese, a Muslim or a Tamil. We must see ourselves in each other. We must see the same hopes and dreams in their eyes. We must see the same deep love for our country for one another. Let’s not allow their eyes, our eyes, our vision to be blinded by ignorance, by hatred, and by fear together. Let’s say no to racism.

Buddhist-Muslim Riots in Sri Lanka

The recent riots between the Muslim minority and Sinhalese majority erupted after the alleged murder of a Buddhist by the Muslim mob in Kandy. The government has imposed a state of emergency and deployed the army personnel to prevent the loss of communal violence.

Media reports suggest that many clashes took place between the enraged communities where angry Buddhist mobs set the properties of Muslims on fire. Buddhist-Muslim tensions in Sri Lanka date back to 2012, reportedly. The country has hardly recovered from the 26 years old civil war in 2009.

Sri Lanka is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country composed of Singhalese, Tamils, and Burghers who believe in Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and other religions. Given such an ethnic diversity in the country, a message of Sangakkara for the peace and discovering of a common denominator was on point.

Governments must make attempts to create an atmosphere of peace and co-existence between different ethnic groups in the diverse countries like Sri Lanka. The world is already seeing a refugee crisis like those of Rohingya Muslims, Syrians and people from other war-torn countries. Hence, preaching of tolerance, and pluralism in society is much necessary. And, the influencers like Sangakkara must come to play their role.

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