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Sania Mirza and Veena Malik Fight On Social Media Goes Viral

Pictures showing the Pakistani team at a shisha bar at 2 am before the Pakistan vs. India world cup match have become a talk of the town. What’s interesting is the fact that Sania Mirza was there with her baby boy making some Pakistanis like Veena Malik question her decision-making abilities as a mother.

Sania Mirza and Veena Malik

After looking at the picture of Sania with her son along with her husband in a shisha bar at 2 am eating burgers with the rest of the team. Pakistani celebrity Veena Malik out of what seems to be pure concern questioned Sania Mirza’s decision-making ability as a mother.

The Indian tennis star was quick to respond with a fiery answer telling her to back off and take a hike as she was a good mother and if her son was in any danger she would have left immediately. She further said, “I’m her mother whatever I do is in his best interest.”

Thanks But No That For Your Concern

She later thanked her for being concerned and called it a truce.

The tennis star requested people to get their ducks in a row and find some other source of entertainment

Take It Down A Few Notches

Veena Malik while addressing the presumed harsh response requested Sania mirza to tone it down and not get personal as she was just concerned about the child’s wellbeing. The young actress further remarked by as asked her not to stoop to a whole new low.

The feud between the two got so bad at one point that shoaib Malik had to step in and settle the matter. He requested people to maintain their sanity and patience on either end to prevent further escalation of the matter 

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