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Sara Gill First-Ever Pakistani Transgender Doctor Shares Her Life Story

A 23 years old transgender person named Sara Gill finished her MBBS and became a doctor. She is the first-ever trans to achieve something this profound and promising in the medical field in Pakistan. Due to her accomplishment, she became the talk of the town as people appreciated her, and the journalists took her interviews to spread awareness. In an interview, Sara talked briefly about her journey towards success. She told how her parents treated her, how she accepted her identity, and how she was focused on her goal. She also shared her perception of achieving big goals in life.

Hardships in The Life of Sara Gill

During an interview, the 23-year-old transgender doctor explained the hardships she went through in her life because of her gender. She mentioned her parents weren’t in the acceptance phase since they asked her to live a life as a boy. While she was studying, the class fellows, who knew about her gender, used to address her as a guy. She also had to identify her as ‘male’ in the admission form of the Jinnah Medical and Dental College, Karachi. She mentioned that every person has the potential to reach higher ranks. This is why she constantly tried to urge the transgender community to focus on getting an education since it is one way to ticket to gain recognition and respect in society.

Aims and Success

Sara Gill said that her life wasn’t a bed of roses but full of hardships as it is the same for all the other transgender people. Dr Gill stated that once she became an MBBS doctor, the world started to see her as complete, and even her parents accepted her identity as a trans. She also shared a message for parents of other transgenders that they need to be patient with the law of nature and give it some time. The difficulties only stay for a little while, and then it gets easier. Besides, the children need their folks to support them and not to abandon them in the wild.

The transgender doctor told in her interview that she was still lucky that her parents didn’t object to getting an education. Though she had to survive alone for a while, it eventually turned out to be good. In the end, she achieved something significant and showed the world her worthiness.

Also, Sara used to run “Gender Interactive Alliance”, a non-governmental organization to encourage and empower the trans community.

An Example for the Marginalized Communities

Sara Gill is one of the transgender people who went big with their dreams. They earned respect in society and gained recognition as well. She became an example for the marginalized ones who suffer setbacks, cruelty, and hardships on daily basis. The problems transgender people face in society seem normal to people, but Dr Gill made it clear to the community that they can become better by doing better in their careers. There are multiple other examples, like Reem Sharif – The first transgender to serve in the police. People like Sara and Reem are changing the perspective of ignorance towards third-gender people.

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