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Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir Are Most Cherished Couple of Pakistan Now

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir got married within 24 hours of proposal which made Pakistanis truly happy after so long. They celebrated along on social media by sharing pictures and live videos of the wedding functions. The couple was loved by so many people for their inspirational happiness.

Previously the actress and fellow actor Agha Ali were supposed to get married but they broke up due to personal issues. Falak Shabir is a Pakistani soul singer who instantly gained popularity after his debut song, Rog. He proposed to the actress on 15th June and by the 16th they were officially man and wife.

It all started when the actress announced on Instagram that she accepted a certain proposal.

Sarah Khan And Falak Shabir Spread Cheers All Over

The cute drama actress wrote Mrs. Falak in her bio on Instagram which made her fans cry tears of joy. 

It started a series of joyful events that were envious for most Pakistanis due to several first world problems. If normal people are accustomed to missing crucial deadlines then how could they make such a spontaneous decision as the new couple did. So, yes many such comments were actually pouring in.

This couple earned a lot of love instantly and kept trending on twitter as long as the wedding functions went on. Some Pakistanis extracted a good message from the love-filled wedding so they can avoid making the same mistake Shehroze Sabzwari made

Disappointed by Sheroze’s wedding and his explanation, the fans of Pakistani showbiz deserved something hopeful and romantic like Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir’s wedding

Excited Fans Sharing Wedding Moments On Social Media

It was an intimate wedding and the couple literally could not keep their hands off each other. They sent gratifying vibes across the country with their beaming smiles. Their fans and even some other folks had best wishes and prayers for them.

It is also a bit bittersweet for some because most families in Pakistan would hesitate to celebrate like this. Normally a Pakistani wedding is done in conservative style where the couple is not provided a comfortable situation to express their actual feelings and emotions. As a result, few desires of the potential couple gets sacrificed

They Deserve Each Other

The happiness on the face of Sarah Khan tells everything about the love between this couple. Their fans went crazy when the singer started lip singing while eliminating all physical distances

Finally, the eventful day culminated with a Nikkah ceremony which was also shared live on Instagram.

This was unexpectedly one of the happiest moments of the year 2020 that has caused so much pain and destruction. Netizens declared Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir their favorite couple by thanking them for a beautiful gift this year.

Even those who were not aware of the singer or the actress, came to know who they were and how epically they got married

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