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Sarfaraz Ahmed Claps Back at Salman Butt for Criticizing his Behavior

Former captain of Pakistan cricket team Sarfaraz Ahmed lashed out at former cricketer Salman Butt for criticizing the way he acts with teammates. According to reports, Salman Butt appeared in a video on YouTube with Hafiz Muhammad Imran and both discussed the match between Multan Sultans and Quetta Gladiators, which happened on 31 January 2021.

Sarfaraz acted aggressively on the field in first 2 matches of PSL 7 with his teammates; something which left a bad taste in viewers’ mouth. Many criticized him that his behavior with other players was not acceptable. Some even made more funny memes on him. However, only Salman Butt’s comments were able to force out his response on the ongoing controversy.

Sarfaraz Ahmed Gets Straight

Sarfaraz Ahmed did not explain about his questionable behavior with other players but had some harsh words for the former cricketer, who was jailed for 30 months in Canterbury Prison, Kent UK in 2011 for spot fixing in 2010 Pakistan tour of England. However, he came out early after serving only 7 months. He also faced a 10 year ban from cricket. The time is complete but Butt has now enrolled himself in umpiring course at Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Sarfaraz tweeted that if fixers like him who sold the team while being a captain, started to give lectures on intention then God help us.

Salman Butt Criticizing Sarfaraz

Social media users also shared the clips from the YouTube video where Salman Ahmad criticized Sarfaraz Ahmed. Sadly, the points made by the convicted fixer were true to some extent. It is not only Butt but many cricket lovers have a lot of issues with Ahmed.

In the video, Butt opined that the former captain had a weird method of managing the team. Salman further said that Ahmed had a habit of shouting to his teammates and imposing his decision rather than listening to what other players had to say. Butt continued that Sarfaraz was a selfish player and disregarded the special request of other players. Many agreed that Ahmed was mostly concerned about being the center of attention rather than being a team player.

Things are Going Beyond Cricket

Sometimes the actions of Sarfaraz Ahmed embarrass his fans as well. Most of cricket viewers do not like Salman Butt due to his history with corruption and quick redemption. Along with Butt, 2 bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were also jailed for deliberately bowling no balls in the same match against England. Most cricket fans have not forgiven him yet. However, whatever he said about Sarfaraz had weight. Sarfaraz’s well wishers could only advise him to work on his own performance rather than being angry at other players. They even once consoled him when he shared sad Urdu poetry about people criticizing him everytime.

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