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Sarfaraz Ahmed’s Racist Remarks in Field Land Him in Hot Waters

Pakistan’s cricket captain Sarfaraz Ahmed is talk of the town for his racist remarks against South African cricketer. A video capturing Sarfaraz’s disgraceful comment is going viral on social media. The folks are calling out skipper for committing racism.

Twitter Meltdown on Sarfaraz Ahmed’s Remarks

The way Sarfaraz called South African batsman Phehlukwayo didn’t go well with the cricket fans. People from India and Pakistan criticized him for such an exhibit of racism in field.

They asked him for a public apology of the act.

They even called for his suspension as there shouldn’t be any tolerance for racism.

Did he call his opponent black because he couldn’t pronounce his name ?

Ex Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar also condemned Sarfaraz for his comments.

Did Sarfaraz really Intend to Commit Racism?

Well, many people are insisting that Sarfaraz’s remarks might have been racist in nature but he didn’t intend to play down his opponent. In fact, he called him Black just in a fun way. And, to be honest those expressions on his face make a case for him.

Not everyone seemed to buy this reason behind Sarfaraz’s remarks and theory about his intention. People were like, he said him black which is enough to prove that his comments were racist.

Unfortunately, Pakistanis are so obsessed with white color that they think being black is not something acceptable. Like, people in the country fall a prey to those face whitening cream that promise to make them fair over the days. So, what Sarfaraz said is something deeply rooted in the culture. Even, it is common for the people in country to call a person black if his skin tone is Black. And, they don’t even think if they are being racist by doing this.

Such a remark should never have come from any one of Sarfaraz Ahmed’s stature not only because he said this in the field. And, not only because he was representing the country at International level. In fact, Sarfaraz or anyone who has a massive fan following must be careful in his/her actions for being an influencer. Young fans of the Champions Trophy winning captain may think it alright to have a racist attitude towards someone because a celebrity has already set the precedent.

If Sarfaraz’s attention was not to hurt his opponent then he must apologize otherwise authorities must take action.

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