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Saudi Arabia Will Bless Gwadar By An Oil Refinery!

We all know that Saudi Arabia is the world’s greatest petroleum power. This is the reason why most on the petroleum projects require Saudi investment. Recently our PM Imran Khan went on an official tour to Saudia to meet the government and talk on the international issues. Now it has been officially announced that Saudia is not only interested in CPEC but wants to immediately invest Rs 30 billion in what is said to be the world’s third largest oil refinery project under construction at Gwadar

Details Regarding Saudi Arabia’s Investment In Oil Refinery At Gwadar

In a Meeting of Cabinet, there were many important things which were discussed regarding the current economic and social situation of Pakistan.

G2G Agreement

“This investment of 30 billion is merely an agreement between both governments because of this quick and instant step by Saudi Arabia depicts its huge interest in becoming the partner with Pakistan and China in CPEC.” according to Petroleum Minister Ghulam Sarwar

Ishaq Dar’s Darlings

Moreover, the information minister told public regarding those servants who were appointed by Ishaq Dar, and without any work, these people were taking pensions and accommodations by the government of Pakistan. Now the government has decided to remove these illegal appointments.

The government has also announced to arrange an auction for Ishaq Dar’s property. This way, not even a single asset which belongs to people of Pakistan will ever get corrupted by these politics. All the Pakistani’s have admired this decision by the Judicial Commission of Pakistan and Nab on social media.



It is also expected that Nawaz family will soon get back to Adiala jail because they are not attending court hearings after their bail.

PM House Conversion

Speaking about the PM house which will now get converted into an outclass and remarkable university and research center. Fawad Chaudry told that there were more than 50 servants and now there are only five servants in the PM house, where Imran Khan Lives.  Fawad Chaudhry also said that Rs180 million were raised from the sale of 62 cars and Rs2.3 million were raised through the auction of buffaloes, which was an asset of previous government!

But the news regarding Imran Khan driving Mehran was fake news, and no such thing happened actually!

Well, guess this big news of Saudi Arabia showing the massive interest in Gwadar and CPEC is a new ray of hope. Whereas, Imran Khan has somehow accomplished his Naya Pakistan. Now let’s see where this alliance will take the country!

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