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Saudi Arabia Condemns Jerusalem Capital of Israel

It is finally happening, the US President, Donald Trump has made the announcement. The formal recognition of Jerusalem capital of Israel is further complicating the Middle East Peace Process. In the past, the US Presidents would tend to avoid towing the line for the state of Israel. Saudi Arabia like any other Muslim country is not happy about it.

Saudi Arabia’s Response to Recognition of Jerusalem Capital

The Kingdom has expressed a lot of reservations about this announcement. The statement by the Saudi Royal Court condemns the announcement. Furthermore, it adds that the announcement would infringe upon the rights of the Palestinian community.

The statement also warns Americans about a severe backlash after this decision. It may also dampen the warmth between the US and Saudi Arabia, which we saw a few weeks ago. Similarly, KSA maintains that moving American Embassy to Jerusalem capital is a dangerous step. Therefore, the Muslim world may also see a rift between the two countries. Similarly, the state of Israel does not have any relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Global Reaction to Jerusalem Capital Acknowledgement

Donald Trump’s decision has drawn sharp criticism from the international community. The PM of Palestine, Mahmood Abbas has said that the US can no longer play a role in the Middle East Peace Process. Furthermore, he termed the decision unacceptable and deplorable.

Pakistan recognizes the legitimate and peaceful freedom struggle of Palestine. Therefore, the Foreign Office declares it as a regrettable decision. Furthermore, the statement says that the US did not listen to pleas for not changing the legal status of Al Quds Al Sharif. Also, the statement adds that the United States decision is out of choice and not out of necessity.

Jerusalem capital

UAE’s statement also shows grave concern over the US recognition of Jerusalem capital. The statement adds that the decision would inflame the emotions of Muslims and Arabs. Therefore, the UAE’s dismay is apparently visible from the account. The country’s leadership also shows grave concerns about its implications for the regional peace.

Jordan has condemned the statement by the US President. The statement also adds that the decision violates UN charter and international law. Turkey also called the decision as illegal and irresponsible. Similarly, Iraq’s government calls the American move as unjust. The country’s PM has also warned about the potentially dangerous consequences.

Many other countries also came out against this decision. The states opposing the decision include Italy, France, and Britain. All these countries are holding an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss the matter in detail. The meeting will take place on Friday to review the decision by the United States.

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