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Saudi Crown Prince Talks about Gender Equality Ahead US Visit

32 Years Old Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman known as M.B.S is all set to visit the United States and meet President Trump on Tuesday. Before his visit, he shared his thoughts on many important subjects in an interview with Noah O’ Donnell of the American channel CBS.

On his interview that aired on Sunday M.B.S talked about gender roles, roots of extremism in Saudi Arabia, Iran’s role in Middle East conflict, Usama Bin Laden’s motive behind 9/11 and his urge to rule Kingdom of Saudi Arabia till death.

Saudi Crown Prince on Gender Roles

In a landmark decision, the kingdom has already allowed women to drive in Saudi Arabia. Talking on his modernization drive and increasing the women’s share in the workforce, Saudi Crown Prince said, “We have extremists who forbid mixing between two sexes and are unable to differentiate between a man and a woman alone together, and together in a workplace.

“We are all human beings, and there is no difference.” M.B.S further said. He also shared his intention to close the gender pay gap, a real issue prevalent around the globe.

On Calling Iran’s Supreme Leader Adolf Hitler

In response to a question about calling Iran’s supreme leader, Adolf Hitler, M.B.S told that Iran’s supreme leader wanted to expand his project in the Middle East just like Hitler wanted to grow at that time and European nations were not aware of his designs.

It is pertinent to mention Iranian revolution of 1979 and Iran’s journey from liberal to conservative dictatorship has a significant part to play in where the present day Saudi Arabia stands.

Saudi Crown Prince

On Osama Bin Laden’s Motive Behind 9\11

Saudi crown prince also told American channel how Osama Bin Laden through 9/11 attack wanted to create division between Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. He talked with reference to the CIA investigation on the matter.

On Extremism in Saudi Arabia

Muhammad Bin Salman also told that people could search for what Saudi Arabia used to be before 1979. And, the country was not conservative as women could drive and there were theatres and cinemas, and the entertainment scene was not as bleak as it had been from last 36 or so years.

On Ruling Saudi Arabia

Finally, CBS host also questioned Saudi crown prince if he saw himself ruling the country for next 50 years. And, he expressed his willingness by saying, “Only God knows for how long one will live, 50 years or not, but if things go their normal way, that is to be expected”.

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