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Indo-Pak People Say No to War After Situation Becomes Tense

Situation between India and Pakistan is growing worst after both the countries are hell-bent on showing their military might after Pulwama attack.

On February 26 Indian Air Force (IAF) made intrusion into Pakistan and then claimed to kill 300 terrorists without showing any proof. On February 27 the news about Indians plane shot down on by Pakistani Air Force and Pakistani planes shot down by Indian Air Force made headlines on media of each country without any proof; except capture of Indian wing commander Abhinandan by PAF.

Citizens Say No to War

It is ridiculous that Twitter trends by Pakistanis and Indians are busy in glorifying their armies and busy telling their enemies that they are capable of self-defense in an aggressive manner. But, it is also pleasant to see that one common trend on each side is Say No to War and It shows that sanity still exists.

Peace lovers also shared the gruesome images surfacing as an aftermath of war; this is what repercussion of war can be.

Sentiments of peace arose after the video of Indian wing commander Abhinandan in Pakistani captivity went viral.

They were also calling out Bollywood celebrities who ended up glorifying war in the name of promoting so-called patriotism.

Finally news channels. after chanting war mongering slogans from days have also become compelled to say no to war.

Pakistanis are also urging to treat Indian soldier with a humane behaviour since he was only performing his duty.

Wars Never Do Any Good

People in Pakistan and India must realise that wars never do any good. Both the countries have witnessed three major wars but the main conflicts between them still remain the same. Kashmir issue doesn’t seem to get resolved any sooner. Despite, this governments on each side are still urging for a military confrontation that can only harm masses.

Those boosting the military might on social media must spare a thought for those who are on borders at the moment. And what their families must be going through. At this moment people must be sensible enough to not a fall a prey to politicians populist rhetoric of resorting to violence for making a case for patriotism.

Both India and Pakistan are developing countries. They have got bigger problems to fight for; like poverty, unemployment, slow economic growth, gender disparity, religious extremism, intolerance and much more. The countries first need to put their homes in order and fight against the evils rather than spreading chaos in the world. Both this countries are nuclear power and collectively a home to 1.5 billion people of the world. Any, armed confrontation between these nations can threaten the world peace.

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