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People Are Angry After SC Accepted Rs 460b Offer to Settle Bahria Town Case

Supreme Court of Pakistan has settled Bahria Town case land occupation case after accepting the real estate company’s offer to pay Rs 450b. While the amount seems to be huge, the people are shocked and equally furious over the decision to court.

Response to Supreme Court’s Bahria Town Verdict

On microblogging website, Twitter and other social media platforms, people showed their outrage and are demanded that the decision to be reverted.

Many Pakistanis feel that the decision of the Supreme Court proves that nothing has changed. The same old judicial system that provides relief to the rich and oppresses the poor is still on the show.

Others feel that the decision of the court is nothing but EID for Malik Riaz and the corrupt government officials that are involved in the case.

Some feel that if the court couldn’t allow CDA to break down Bahria Town as people live there but then why did they destroy other societies.

There are those who think that the capitalist concept of everyone has a price is very clearly demonstrated here and elsewhere in history

Many are of the view that Malik Riaz is a land encroacher and a land mafia Don. So there is nothing he can not do to make his illegitimate property legitimate.

Just because Malik Riaz got a clear slip from the court people like Zardari and Nawaz will also get the same thing. Hence demonstrating to the world that Pakistan is not but a land of crazy’s people.

Some people are so misinformed about the situation and in such high hope that one wonders from where these people come from

Malik Riaz knew that he wasn’t going to get off the hook that easily so he made SC an offer they couldn’t refuse and got away with it.

It is very confusing to see a man who is a convicted criminal being defended like he’s Nelson Mandela by the media. To some, it’s apparent that he is paying the media.

Is It Win of Supreme Court Or Land Mafia?

The Supreme Court just made a joke of its self, and their decision shows how powerful the land grabbing mafia is.

Then there are those who feel that putting him behind bars was going to yield nothing by offering a plea deal we are at least getting our money back.

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