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People Can’t Stop Sympathising With Hilltop Sears after Robbery

A group of black teen managed to loot and scoot with most of the merchandise from the hilltop sears . After hearing about what they had done people found it hard not to sympathies with them.

Sears Got Left Behind

Sears used to be one of the largest and most popular departmental stores. But poor management and the emergence of other departmental stores with even more effective business strategies has made the once famous chain redundant.

Another factor that heavily contributed towards the chain’s redundancy was it inability to stop shoplifters. Contrary to Sears, other business started employing new tested and approved methods that discouraged shoplifting as a whole.

The employment of loss prevention officers coupled with employee training played a major role in helping other departmental stores like targets stand tall and strong. One major mistake the Illinois based departmental store made was it opened stores in neighborhoods with a high crime rate which made it further susceptible to theft.

Public’s Reaction

After watching the video of a group of predominantly black teen’s people can’t stop sympathizing with them. For many the once famous departmental store has become a redundant choice to shop let alone steal from.

Sears at the peak of its growth operated more than 300 stores across the US and had some of the strongest sales coupled with a large workforce. Now there are reportedly only two branches that are bound for eclosure soon.

Need More Training

Modern day departmental stores train their employees on how to deal with shoplifters. They train their employees in such a way that they develop brand loyalty this further helps prevent theft and other crime.

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