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How to Select a Smartphone in 2017?

Smartphones make our lives a lot easier by facilitating us in so many different ways. However, there are so many options available that it makes it difficult to select a smartphone.

Let us look at things you need to consider when you select a smartphone.

Keep Budget in Mind When You Select A Smartphone

Let us not jump ahead of ourselves in selecting a mobile phone. First things first, you must decide the amount of money you want to invest. There are high-range, mid-level, and entry-level phones. The more money you want to pay, consequently the better the features you get.

So once you have decided what range of cell phone you want to buy, now let us proceed to the other things you need to considering when you select a smartphone.

It’s All in the Pictures and Selfies

Every cellphone user’s first question is how many megapixels’ camera does that phone have? Well, it’s not just in the pixels. You also need to check online photographs taken from different smartphones. The camera with highest MPs does not necessarily give you the best photos. Also, you need to have a high-quality front camera if you are a selfie freak.

And did you know about the grand selfies? Well, if you are that party boy or girl who wants to attend every other socializing event happening around you, you are looking for a better quality front camera. Some of these front-end cameras of smartphones are equipped with a wide lens to tuck in a lot of your friends the next time you want to take a grand selfie.

No One Wants a Sloppy Sleepy Smartphone

A slow mobile is an annoyance and a persistent source of frustration. No one intends to wait for their mobile applications to run. Then, we all have multiple mobile applications running in the background. So do not just buy any smartphone within your budget.

Search for a phone that offers a faster processor and more RAM. RAM or Random Access Memory can help the processor simultaneously handle more request. When you select a smartphone with more RAM, it helps you run multiple applications without any problems.

And What About the Screen?

Larger screens attract everyone. Even Apple has started making phones with bigger phones. So, you can select a smartphone with a larger screen but here are the downsides to picking a big screen smartphone.

  • It’s hard to carry around in your pocket.
  • Larger screen smartphones also drain your phone’s battery, requiring you to charge your smartphone every day.

Don’t Die On Me You Battery of a Smartphone

The battery of your smartphone is one issue where the manufacturers are still struggling to improve its life. Most of the smartphones’ batteries do not last more than one a day. Some smartphone batteries last for a day and a half. The explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones clearly shows that the Korean mobile manufacturer has not managed to increase the standby time of its phones.

Flash Me Out

Flash illuminates your presence or that of your loved ones. It’s okay to have a flash LED on your smartphones’ rear or primary camera. Many newer versions of smartphones come with front-facing LEDS with the selfie cameras. Now, you can take brighter selfies without having the need to sit or stand under a light source.

Android or iPhone

The best thing about an iPhone is that you get mostly everything you need from a smartphone. When you select a smartphone from Apple, you need to pay out large sums of money. So, you do not have any choices of selecting from a low, medium or high priced Apple phone.

When you pick an Android phone, you have the option to choose an Android smartphone as per our budget. For example, if you want a high-end Android phone, you can go for phones like Samsung Galaxy S8. If you want to a small budget Android phone, you can choose Lenovo P2, Moto GS, WileyFox Swift 2 Plus, or LG X Screen.

Here is a list of smartphones you can consider for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy s8Samsung Galaxy S8 wins hands down on the performance with improved battery life, water resistance, and wireless charging. There is an external storage to store more data.

The fingerprint reader’s wrong placement takes more time to unlock the phone. And many users complain of the red display problem on which Samsung has said it is going to work to improve it.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a beautiful curvy phone with larger battery. The phone has other navigation tools to further aid the user in finding their way around.

The only downside is that addition of too many navigation tools slows down the phone’s speed.

Key features of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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LG G6The LG G6 is an upgrade from the previous LG G5. The phone offers sleek looks, water resistance, large display, and an extra wide-angle camera.

The phone does not provide a removal battery to the end users and features the same chipset it previously offered.

Key features of LG G6

[table id=18 /]

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7The Apple iPhone 7 has improved front and back camera with optical image stabilization to deliver better quality photos. The phone also works well in low light conditions. iPhone 7 is waterproof and has a faster processor with improved battery life and increase in storage on this new model.

The thing a lot of users do not like about iPhone 7 is no headphone jack. The click-free home button is a bit difficult to handle, and the dual camera only comes in iPhone 7 Plus.

[table id=19 /]

OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3TThe biggest strength of the phone is battery timing that lasts longer than a lot of other smartphones. OnePlus 3T is a phone which takes better selfies, and you can increase the storage to 128 GB.

Many users consider OnePlus 3T costly in comparison to phones with similar capabilities.

[table id=20 /]

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5The Xiaomi Mi 5 is lightweight smartphone offering beautiful finish. It provides a powerful camera with dual-SIM function.

The phone lacks a micro SD slot so you cannot add any additional storage.

[table id=21 /]

Google Pixel

Google PixelThe Google Pixel offers excellent camera which performs equally well in low light conditions. Google Assistant lets you voice command your smartphone.

The phone’s display lacks clarity in broad daylight and it is an expensive phone compared to the previous models released by Google.

[table id=22 /]

Huawei P10

Huawei P10The Huawei P10 has an excellent compact design, and it is easy to carry around. The phone offers a powerful camera to take greater quality pictures.

The phone is a bit overpriced, not waterproof, and an awkward navigation key.

[table id=23 /]

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 PlusThe iPohne 7 Plus offers two times optical zoom to deliver awesome pictures. The phone is water resistant and features a durable battery. You can also add storage of up to 256 GB.

The phone lacks a standard headphone jack. In comparison to other phones, it has a larger size whereas many others fit on a 5.5-inch screen in smaller bodies. And lastly, many phone users think of iPhone 7 Plus as prohibitively expensive.

[table id=24 /]

Huawei Mate 9Huawei Mate 9

The Huawei Mate 9 features a powerful processor. The phone has a reliable lasting battery with the camera to take beautiful images.

The phone could do better on the design side.

[table id=25 /]

HTC 10

HTC 10The phone’s HTC 10 has a chiseled design with a fully customizable UI and impressive audio quality.

The phone has a non-removable battery, and the camera sometimes has exposure rendering issues.

[table id=26 /]

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

How To Select A SmartphoneXiaomi Mi Note 10 has a beautiful design with an aluminum body. It has a high-powered camera with image stabilization technology to give picture perfect shots.

The phone lacks a micro SD slot, and you cannot add any additional storage to it.

[table id=32 /]

Honor 8 Pro

How To Select A Smartphone

A phone with a decent battery life and good camera quality attract many phone users. You select a smartphone like Honor 8 Pro when you want to get the powerful features.

Despite the power and decent battery timing, it still lacks that high-end polished phone look that many other smartphones of this range offer.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5

How To Select A SmartphoneIf you are looking to select a smartphone with impressive design and outstanding performance, you go for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

On the other end of the spectrum, you do not get a removable battery, and you cannot add more to its storage.

[table id=34 /]

Honor 8

How To Select A Smartphone

The Honor 8 phone offers an excellent package which combines great quality photos and a customizable home button. The dual lens camera gives great photos every time you take a snap.

The phone is not smooth with the gestures and has a shorter battery life.

[table id=36 /]

Google Pixel XL

How To Select A Smartphone

The phone has a great bigger screen display with an actually capable camera. Google Assistant adds to the phone’s utility.

Google Pixel XL is one of the more expensive versions of the phone with camera lens needing lots of improvements, and the phone is not waterproof.

[table id=37 /]

Sony Xperia XZHow To Select A Smartphone

If you do not like clunky and chunky looking phones, then select a smartphone like Sony Experia XZ. The better display of the phone adds to the pizzazz of the gaming experience.

Despite the goodies it offers, the phone’s battery fails to impress and it offers an HD display without the high resolutions like delivered by other phones.

[table id=38 /]

iPhone SE

How To Select A Smartphone

iPhone SE pretty much gives all you expect from an Apple smartphone. You enjoy features like Apple Pay, Siri, and lighter on your pocket.

The selfie camera does not offer much of an upgrade, and the phone lacks the 3D touch.

[table id=39 /]

Moto G5 Plus

How To Select A SmartphoneMoto G5 Plus is a sturdily built phone with splash resistance and outstanding image and video recording features. It is a good all-around smartphone experience within the given budget.

The phone’s sound quality is not that good compared to its competing smartphones.

[table id=40 /]

Apple iPhone 6S

How To Select A Smartphone

If you want a phone quicker than iPhone 6, you can buy the iPhone 6S. If you need to select a smartphone with better front and back camera, this is the phone for you. The new 3D touch-sensitive pressure sensitive display offers new iOS shortcuts.

There are no improvements on the battery life when compared to the iPhone 6S.

[table id=41 /]

Samsung Galaxy A5

How To Select A Smartphone

You select a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy A5 when you want a better-featured phone in a mid-range instead of investing too much money. The bright, vivid screen adds to the display quality of the images and videos.

The phone runs an old Android operating system version which makes it less than ideal for the typical smartphone lovers obsessed with new OS upgrades.

[table id=42 /]

Motorola Moto G4

How To Select A Smartphone

The upgrade to the software with a bigger display give the edge to the Motorola Moto G4. The sturdy built phone can hopefully survive a bit rough use.

The processing power does not struggle when completing routine tasks but do not select a smartphone like this for playing graphic intense games.

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