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Self-Destructive Technology Remotely Destroys Stolen Phones

Mobile snatching is a serious problem in Pakistan. The big metropolitans of Pakistan like Lahore, Islamabad, and typically Karachi commonly witness the epidemic of mobile snatching. A self-destructive technology is the need of the hour in countries like Pakistan with higher crime rates.

The New Self-Destructive Technology

Researchers working at the KAUST in KSA have developed a new self-destructive technology for mobile phones. The mechanism starts destroying the phone as soon as it gets stolen and it does not only help protect sensitive data but also ensures that no one misuses your phone.

How Does the Self-Destructive Technology Work?

Self-Destructive Technology WorkThe self-destructive technology for phones uses advanced polymers. These polymers create a layer, expandable up to seven times their original size once heated to 80 degrees. Heat has to come from a source to start the melting process. The mechanism intelligently uses the phone’s battery with 500 to 600 milliwatts current, triggering the polymer’s expansion and destroying the chip in 10 to 15 seconds time. The technology is developed for the law enforcement agencies having cellphones containing sensitive data. Business organizations with competitors always spending money to know about their next move, can also get benefited from this technology.

The Triggering of the Phone Meltdown

KAUST researchers are working on different models for triggering the self-destruction mechanism.

  • One method of triggering it is the use of GPS 50 meters away from the starting point.
  • In the second method, the researchers are trying to use light sensors to activate the self-destruction mode.

There is a lot of room for improvement on this technology. The researchers are interested in triggering the destruction mechanism for specific parts of the phone. The same method could later apply to other gadgets containing sensitive data.

Why Is This Technology Important for Pakistanis?

It makes a lot of difference to have the ability to destroy your snatched phone. The self-destructive technology is important for countries like Pakistan where the government is fighting with the menace of terrorism. Criminals, terrorists, robbers, and others use snatched mobile phones for their illegal activities. The use of this mechanism will allow Pakistanis to use the self-destructive mechanism to destroy their phones remotely. Here is how one researcher described its use.

“Investigation of electronic devices based on transient materials (transient electronics) is a new and rarely addressed technology with paramount potentials in both medical and military applications. The expandable polymer expands much more and causes sufficient tension in the thin silicon — which is sitting on top of the polymer — so it simply crumples and then breaks. “

One other useful application of this technology is for the stolen debit or credit cards. If someone’s credit or debit is snatched, stolen, or lost, they can render it useless by activating the self-destructive mechanism.

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