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Selfieccino: London Cafe Takes Selfie Obsession To Coffee Art

Taking a selfie while drinking coffee has become a thing of past. A London based café has recently introduced Selfieccino, a caffeine drink that features the selfie of the person on milk froth.

Seeing your hot selfie on the surface of a steaming hot coffee cup seems astonishing indeed. Earlier, social media users were able to create this art with Photoshop and other picture apps. Now, they can get their selfie printed in their coffee in reality. The process is very much simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Here is what this Selfieccino is all about

Tea Terrace at the House of Fraser in London’s famous Oxford Street has introduced this Selfieccino stuff. All the customers need is to order this particular drink upon arrival and send their latest selfie to the café’s app.  The staff uses a specially designed Cino machine to scan the selfie, take its print and then transform it into the coffee top with the help of food colors.

The art is so elegant and perfect that it makes sure that snap gets transferred to milk foam as it is. Now, it is up to the users, whether they like drinking their headshot or decide to post it on social media.

If such thing becomes too mainstream, then coffee wouldn’t remain an ingredient of healthy breakfast to Kickstart a day anymore; it would rather become a way to make the social presence in a new style.

Cost of Selfieccino

So, how much getting your selfie pictured on your favorite drink can cost you? The bad news is that it can make you spend more than £5. But, you can your selfie customized coffee in less than 4 minutes. Well, in early stages of this brand new product such cost is not a big deal, especially when you are getting another way to discuss your obsession with coffee and selfie on social media.

Here is a tip. Make sure you do right that this Selfieccino is not an edited image of some coffee drink, but a real one.

Future of Coffee Arts

We have already witnessed the art taking the food dressing to a whole new level. Custom made cakes are one such example. In such context, the new coffee art with Selfieccino seems to be more unique. The first reason for such uniqueness is that this technique offers a real print of pictures. Secondly, there is a massive demand for hot drinks around the globe. As far as coffee is concerned, then it is a product that has an emotional connection with users. Now, whether it would be easy for people to drink their selfie or not, depends on the future experience.


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