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Why Pakistani Students Are Demanding Semester Break Instead of Online Classes

Schools and universities across Pakistan have decided to offer online classes to help spread coronavirus. It was a bumpy road from the start but now the situation is escalating. It seems that online classes experience is not really going well. Students are getting frustrated by typical issues that kills the purpose of conducting a class anyway.

Due to the amorphous structure of online classes, anticipations are directly aimed at the government. It is very enlightening to witness the education crisis in a country that has only 58% literacy rate. Regarding Problems  in online classes  istudents intelligently voiced their concern on social media with serious purpose.

These Issues During Online Classes Are Affecting Education

As exciting as it sounds to attend the class from home, there is always going to be someone who ruins it for everyone. Probably, lack of seriousness from few students is an issue in itself.

One petty issue or one non-serious student can create a ripple strong enough to dissolve everything in its wake. It needlessly intensifies the ongoing struggle in attending lectures online. They are doing more harm than good.

Students and teachers cannot do anything about these kind of issues. Hence, the classes are filled with pointless arguments and time wastage. How are institutions are planning to improve the concepts of students?

Students and Teachers Are Helpless

This issue is not supposed to be taken lightly because people have spent huge money for their students to get education. It seems like institutions just want to get rid of the syllabus as quickly as possible and do not care about the student’s concepts and grades.

One reason universities are shifting to online classes during this coronavirus pandemic is that there might be a misconception regarding presence of relevant infrastructure. The fact that most of the youngsters are active on social media and use platforms like WhatsApp for communication. While, this might be true upto certain extent connectivity still remains a major issue.

The reason is universities in Pakistan have students from diverse background. Those who come from far off places in Balochistan and FATA might not be available with an internet connection in their villages which is fast enough to allow an uninterrupted communication for studies.

Most students on social media are appealing government to take serious responsibility in this regard.

These issues pose discrimination towards low-income families. The society will be further divided in hosting animosity for each other.

Even progressive students organization also posted a letter written to ministery of education on their Twitter. The statement describes in detail the problems in online classes that students are facing due to poor infrastructure, lack or organization, and diverse backgrounds

Government Must Intervene with a Smart Solution

The rectification efforts must be directed at improving required infrastructure for smooth transmission of internet across the country. Due to the third rate infrastructure of country, data systems cannot work at optimum level.

In order to shift education to online means  Government first must be able to devise procedures for virtually educating the kids; this may involve useful technology to enhance the teaching methods in Pakistan. Especially in the fields of Medical, Engineering, and other professional fields etc.

Pakistan is still relying on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which is an extensive term for Information Technology (IT). It heavily depends on effective communication, in which Pakistan is failing as it can be seen on social media.

Further in order to start online lectures there should be some custom and well-tailored applications other than Skype and Zoom.

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