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This Sentence in English is Going Viral for Special Reasons

There is no short of artistic people in the world who play with words to bring out the masterpieces. One such epic expression of art in language has become mainstream in the form of a fantastic sentence in English. The beauty of this 20 words piece of writing is its ability to convey its message in ascending order of the number of letters in each word.

So, what this sentence in English depicts?

The sentence contains one to twenty letter words

Here comes the magical phrase that beautifully combines the vocabulary and art at one single place.

“I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting; nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherability transcendentalizes intercommunication’s incomprehensibleness.”

Look carefully, each word of the sentence includes letter numbers according to its order. Like the first word has one letter and the twentieth word has twenty letters. The person who created this sentence must have an impressive vocabulary and an artistic sense to come up with mind-boggling wonders. People who are looking to develop communication skills should try coming up with such phrases to increase eloquence in their speech and writing.

What is the Origin of this Unique Sentence in English?

The answer is even more astonishing. The sentence went viral after Indian politician, intellectual and author Shashi Tharoor posted it on Twitter; someone shared this with him on Whatsapp

It is surprising that someone on the Earth has got more rich vocabulary than Shashi Tharoor himself. He is famous for adding more words in English through his writings and social media posts. The man is known well for his verbose eloquence around the globe.

After Shashi Tharoor shared this amazing sentence in English, Twitter user congratulated him for finally finding a match.

Social Media Reaction to this Artistic Sentence

This sentence would have been able to attract more attention if Shashi Tharoor had not shared it. Those who viewed it on Twitter didn’t highlight the fact that it was a subject of leveraging vocabulary to create art. Users expectedly started drawing parallels with Shashi Tharoor by congratulating him for finally finding a match while admiring the creator. There is no doubt that Shashi Tharoor is a literary genius who never fails to surprise due to his eloquent translations but this sentence deserves particular attention for adding another genre to the arts of linguistics.

We already know, about other unique sentences. Like one famous sentence in English that utilizes all the letters is, “A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” Such linguistic expressions help the people to quickly learn the things like typing in a fast manner and leveraging the words to tell the things elaborately.

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