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How Did Girls Fight against Chronic Sexual Harassment at LGS?

One of the most popular elite schools in Pakistan, Lahore Grammar School (LGS) fired 4 teachers involved in sexual harassment case. These teachers were exploiting teenage girls for a long time which came as a shock to most people. Despite numerous complains from the victims, the school took no action which allowed the predators to continue their sexual harassment in LGS.

Thanks to the outcry that started on social media, Education Minister Murad Raas took notice and announced to deal with this case himself. He assured that this case will reach proper conclusion

Teachers Involved In Chronic Sexual Harassment In LGS

Lecturers, Aitezaz Rehman, Zahid Warraich, Shehzad Irshad, and Umer Shareef were accused of running rampant with harassing minor girls. According to the students, they have done this to many girls including ex-students and alumni who also came forward to support the claim.

Below are the pictures of two faculty members and one administration member who were identified as sexual predators.

Female administration member Mrs Maira Omar was also accused of enabling predatory behaviour around campus by suppressing the voices of victims. Picture of the fourth teacher, Shehzad Irshad, was not released on social media.

The school issued a termination letter to all four teachers which was proudly shared by the supporters of the victims. They were content that the suppressed voices were being heard.

Pakistani TV and film actor Osman Khalid Butt appreciated the bravery of the girls who stood up against these predators. He added that these imbeciles should not be allowed to teach anywhere again.

This is not for the first time that girls have come forward to express such experiences. Earlier, Pakistani students had spoken on social media about examiner who harassed candidates during biology practical.

Testimonies of the Victims

Here are the testimonies from different girls who confirmed the predatory behavior of LGS faculty members through experience. One teacher stood out as the serial harasser who has also sent explicit images of himself to the female students. He even used to offer them alcohol while out on field trips. It was also revealed that the administration department of LGS was not supportive – in fact, they shamed the victim.

Thanks To Social Media For Awareness On A Taboo Subject

It is widely believed that educational Institutions must listen to the students because they are not doing a good job on their own. It took 4 years for the affected students to punish the abusers and that too after creating an outcry on social media.

If they didn’t use the social networks for help then more girls would have been in danger from those vile teachers. Social media plays a key role in raising the topic of sexual harassment.

LGS Slammed Hard For Allowing Such Behaviour at Campus

Some ex-students saw the news and were infuriated by hearing that LGS hadn’t changed a bit in all those years. The chronic problem of sexual harassment in LGS was still at its peak which was constantly ignored by the elitist school.

They shared that they always felt negative vibes from the school like it had some kind of agenda to distort the personalities, ambition, and thought process of students.

This case also exposed the ingrained patriarchal system of Pakistan that is a major cause of such incidents. Vile men are constantly given the benefit of the doubt while women are accused of insinuating the incident. It is a problematic take on the severe crises of sexual harassment which is also forced upon women who are the frequent victims

Some are still disappointed in LGS for waiting for a social media outcry to take necessary actions which should have been taken after the first complaint. Despite multiple complaints filed against these same teachers, the school took no action.

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