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Shaan Shahid Thinks that Shahrukh Khan’s VoiceOver Has Destroyed The Lion King

Disney’s The Lion King trailer in Hindi has taken everyone by surprise due to the voice-over of Shahrukh Khan and Aryan Khan as Mufasa and Simba and the staunch resemblance of the voices of father and son. At the same times, there are folks who think that Shahrukh Khan’s voice-over in Hindi has destroyed the very essence of the film. The most prominent name among the critics is Pakistani superstar Shaan Shahid.

What Shaan has to say about the King Khan’s voice-over is not something against his acting; in fact, his concerns have to do with Hindi version that might not present the story of The Lion King with its true spirit.

Shaan Shahid ‘s Criticism on The Lion King Hindi Version

In a reply to Shahrukh Khan’s tweet in which he shared The Lion King teaser with Aryan Khan voice as Simba, Shaan asked to not destroy the iconic movie with Hindi version. He opined the Shahrukh Khan’s voice over was just like any other and it had nothing new that made it special for the voice over of Mufasa.

So Shaan wants to say that if making a Hindi version is such necessary then SRK should have changed his voice over expressions to give a feel of lions dub. Well, we don’t know how Lion’s voice can be dubbed by a man in a way that it resembles a lion’s roar.

Shaan’s opinion was not without an argument. He explained that Lion’s facial expressions should have been well synchronized with that of dubbing artists. For this purpose, he gave the example of Simba’s resemblance with Matthew Brodrick.

Not Everyone Was Buying Shaan’s Argument

A look at the replies shows that people were either proud or they were ridiculing Shaan for not being such a big actor as Shahrukh Khan is.

Shaan whose career in Pakistan film industry has almost ended remains much active on Twitter. He mostly tweets in favor of the current Pakistani government and the Pakistan army and writes the stuff that shows him a patriotic citizen of his country. The actor often ends up embroiling himself in controversies as well. Anyhow, Shaan Shahid has been once a glorious and well-known artist and whatever he says is not necessarily for publicity purpose. The man indeed has an opinion. As far as Shahrukh Khan’s voice over in the Lion King is concerned then not everyone has praised it the way as they have praised the Aryan Khan’s voiceover for Simba.

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