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Imran Khan’s Mimicry by Shafaat Ali For A TV Ad Stirs Controversy

Famous Pakistani impersonator, Shafaat Ali’s ad is facing controversy for showing the mimicry of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The ad has been allegedly taken down from TV channels.

Shafaat Ali Ad Showing Imran Khan’s Mimicry

In the said ad Shafaat Ali is promoting a sale on e-commerce website which allows consumers saving money through lucrative deals. The artist is mimicking Prime Minister Imran Khan and urging people to shop through that online portal. The idea utilizes Khan’s advocacy for austerity measures.

Shafat said in another tweet that senator Rehman Malik and Khushbakht Shujaat raised the issue and asked PEMRA to ban such ads and take them off the air before midnight and they also proposed PEMRA to censor ads before going them on air.

Users’ Reaction Over Shafaat Ali Ad Ban

There was a mixed response over Shafaat Ali’s tweet. Few users called it a media censorship while there were those who didn’t like the idea of mimicking a country’s Prime Minister merely for promoting a product or service.

Here is what they had to say.

So, there were some very insightful quotation analyses, but many users were more open in their expression of situations.

People are Confused Who is Wrong

The proposal for such censorship didn’t directly come from the government but from the opposition. So, people were looking for clarification about who really had a problem. As Omair Alvi asked this from Shafaat.

There were those who started commenting on the quality of ad and found it below average.

Here came a troll in the words of Aamir Liaquat

An Inappropriate Ad?

Few users found this ad to be inappropriate one as it mimicked a statesman.

No Official Ban Yet

It is to be noted that the ad which was on-aired on HUM Tv has not been banned by PEMRA yet as no official legal notice has been issued, reportedly. So, it is not sure if the ad is facing a complete ban. Further, Shafaat Ali ad is still there on the internet. Therefore, the nature of the ban on the ad is not certain. But, one thing is sure that it has raised a debate on to what extent any person should be impersonated for any purpose.

Further, humor at someone’s expense for art’s sake makes sense but ads used for selling products and services must consider whether it will be appropriate to impersonate the Prime Minister of the country or not unless the issue doesn’t have to do with freedom of speech directly or indirectly.


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