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How Shafique Meri Baat Suno Meme is Best Way to Express Disapproval

Few months ago, a video of a woman disappointedly schooled her friend for hitting on her, went viral on social media. Reportedly, the woman agreed to have a TikTok duet with a guy named Shafique after which he said “I Love You” to her. Disturbed by the unwanted romantic advancement, she recorded her answer which was loved by thousands of viewers. In the video, she rubbished the guy’s words and educated him about what he said was wrong. Starting from “Shafique meri baat suno” (Shafique! Listen to me), she explained that her purpose was to only perform in a duet for which the guy should not have said anything beyond “Thank You”.

The reason why viewers loved her response is that it fits perfectly in today’s society. Many women in Pakistan are sick and tired of how men behave with them. They are usually stalked, harassed, and abused by stranger men and few even suffer betrayal by those who act like friends. Sadly, in this case, this so-called friend of hers kept ill-intentions about her throughout the time she was with him. After she agreed to work on the video, he thought that now could be his opportunity to hit on this girl. But of course, the TikToker shunned him at once.

Folks could not get enough of this video and used similar phrases for their own social commentary.

Shafique Meri Baat Suno Meme in Ali Gul Pir Version

Comedian Ali Gul Pir created his own version of the viral Shafique meri baat suno meme in which he provided facial expressions to the woman’s video. Men usually do not regard consent and do what they please with the women. Even if she refuses, they keep enforcing themselves on her and make her life miserable. It happened with that girl too when that Shafique person kept on approaching her even though she told her that she loved someone else.

Don’t Advertise Your Travel Pictures

This video became a meme format to explain certain other irritating situations and behaviors. Folks used it to express their disregard for certain practices. As here a Twitter user is expressing her disapproval of sharing travel pictures on social media through Shafique Meri Baat Suno.

For Men who think They Know about Feminism

Activist Laiba Zainab also re-created the viral video in her own light. In her version, she referred to a 24 hour long male-dominated Twitter Spaces talk on feminism. Laughing at the irony of that session, she counseled the host who invited biased men who were not even familiar with the concept of feminism or how women suffer under patriarchy. She said it was better if all those men just tweeted that they were rape apologists instead of talking non-sense the whole day.

Why Schools are Open amidst Pandemic?

One of the most crucial decisions for the governments have been whether to open or close the schools during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is understandable that there are vaccines now but there is also fear and anxiety among students. They have made thousands of memes on their institutions, lecturers, and the overall educational system of Pakistan. The funniest ones came after Shafqat Mahmood announced last year that the schools were closed. However, things have changed since then, the schools have been opening again amid the horrifying news of the Delta variant making the cases resurge. Students have been protesting a lot against this and calling for online classes. Here “Shafique” is the government that continues to ignore the plea of students.

To All Those Who Support Taliban

There is an alarming number of Taliban supporters in Pakistan who celebrated after the militant group took over Afghanistan. A lot of stuff about this development does not make sense as many important questions were left unanswered. The whole situation was devastating as a lot of people lost their lives to yet another war. There was no reason for Pakistanis to celebrate which is why folks here feel that they should join their role models in Afghanistan instead of living here.

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