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Marvel Reveals Shah Rukh Khan As Choice for Indian Superhero

Shah Rukh Khan is more likely to be the Marvel’s choice for an Indian superhero in any of the company’s next movies. And, this has given the Indo-Pak fans of King Khan something new to look forward to.

Interestingly, Shah Rukh Khas has not received any mentionable work offers from Hollywood. In one of his recent interactions with media, he talked about this and wittingly said,

“I don’t even know if I am good enough to do it. I think my English is a little week”

Shah Rukh Khan As Marvel’s Superhero

Speaking to an Indian publication, Stephen Wacker VP creative development of Marvel revealed about studio’s plans to come up with characters which will have real “toehold in the Indian culture.”

By further elaborating the company’s intent the creative director told that Marvel would go an extent of finding the real Indian talent to bring an authenticity to character and story. He explained that Marvel universe was looking for the characters with a home in the world so that Indian culture could be brought to the North American fans.

By talking on the purpose of introducing an Indian superhero to American fans, Stephen Wacker told that let North American fans know about another part of the world, and that would be more exciting. He also hoped that Indian fans felt about Marvel as much as North American kids.

Why Only Shah Rukh Khan

Marvel’s films like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, have been a massive hit and of one of the six highest-grossing Hollywood films of 2018 so far. The Studio will now inevitably want to create more relatable content for its global audience.

In his interview with Indian Express, VC Creative Director of Marvel Studio clearly stated that if they made Indian content that had to put Shah Rukh Khan. He had to be in.

SRK is already internationally famous; recently he has received the prestigious game-changer award by the Economic Times for his contribution in globalizing the Indian cinema.

Well, putting Shah Rukh Khan, who is popular among fans as a romantic hero, in a Hollywood action film might not make sense for those who know what King Khan so good for is. But given his fame, status in Bollywood and massive fan following his choice as the Marvel’s superhero from Indian part is entirely justified. SRK in Hollywood is a win-win situation for Bollywood fans and also for the US films industry that may need to tap into new audiences in the country with huge target market like India.

SRK on Working in Hollywood

If Shah Rukh Khan went to work in Hollywood, he wouldn’t be an only star from B-town to do so. Earlier, Irrfan Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, and many other actors have worked there.

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