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Indian media Accuses Shah Rukh Khan of Spitting on Lata Mangeshkar Funeral

Bollywood legend Lata Mangeshkar died at the age of 92 due to multiple organ failure after contracting COVID-19. Many celebrities arrived at her funeral to pay their last respect. Shah Rukh Khan also came and prayed in an Islamic style which was different from the Hindu one. It mainly involves praying with raised hands and sometimes blowing air on something they wish to be blessed. SRK also did the same. He prayed with raised hands, and in the middle, he removed his mask and bowed down to blow on the dead body. Sadly, Indian media backed by right-wing political extremists started to spread propaganda that SRK was spitting on Lata Mangeshkar funeral.

Shah Rukh Khan Makes Dua on Lata Mangeshkar Funeral

The act of Shah Rukh Khan at Lata Mangeshkar funeral is called a dua. Muslims make dua at funerals as a last goodbye and hope to God that the journey of the departed soul is as easy as possible. However, some right-wing media created a controversy to cash in on someone’s death. It reminded the viewers how Hindutva extremists have been making life a living hell for Muslims in India with the government’s backing.

Hindutva’s Agenda Against Muslims

There mainly were Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members and leaders who questioned if SRK was spitting on Lata Mangeshkar funeral. It encouraged other extremists to spew their venom against Muslims because if the government was doing it, who else would stop them. The major aim of this despicable regime is to demonise Muslims as much as they can. However, these elements faced heavy backlash on social media.

Fans Love Shah Rukh Khan Even More

After looking at the heinous campaign by Hindutva extremists, many Indians came forward to defend King Khan. They understood that SRK made a Dua at Lata Mangesheskar funeral and did not spit. The bigotry and Islamophobia of some made them more supportive of the actor.

It is not the first time right-wing fanatics have targeted SRK. Previously, an extremist outfit Shiv Sena demanded a ban on My Name is Khan because the film tried to separate the general Muslim population from the extremists who took part in 9/11. When SRK’s son was arrested for the alleged sale and purchase of drugs, nothing was found on him, but the courts and government agencies made sure to keep him behind bars for as long as they could.

Furthermore, extremist Indians have also ganged up against the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Pathan because the actor praised the Pathan race. They even brought out an old picture of SRK with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and called him a friend of an “enemy nation”. However, those who want to see harmony between hindus and Muslims or want to see a secular India flourish, supported SRK.

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