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Pakistan’s Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif Arrested in Money Laundering Case

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested Shahbaz Sharif for money laundering after Lahore High Court rejected his bail. Officials took him into custody and dragged him towards the police van through the ocean of humans. PML-N supporters and workers gathered to chant for their leader and condemn NAB and PTI-led government. They had a tussle with security officials while trying to reach for opposition leader

Maryam Nawaz Comments on Shahbaz Sharif’s Arrest

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz reacted to the arrest of her uncle by defending his integrity. She claimed that there were some forces who wanted the opposition leader to work against her father AKA the supreme leader of PML-N, Nawaz Sharif. She thanked Shahbaz for taking one for the team and going behind bars instead of against his brother.

She opined that this was not about accountability and seems more like someone has taken out some personal grudge. She claimed that if accountability really existed in Pakistan, retired General Asim Bajwa would have been the first arrest for allegedly creating a business empire by embezzling the nation’s money.

She fired at the establishment and notified that they will not be successful in their bogus mandate. She implied that government took out it frustrations because the supreme leader of PML-N heavily criticized the military for political intervention, at the All Parties Conference this . She assured that the party will continue to work according to Nawaz Sharif’s decisions.

Public Opinions About The High-Profile Arrest

The public opinion remained divided which mostly included the supporters and critics but also featured some creative members who described the whole situation in their own vision.

Many social media users saw this development as regular political victimization which happens on daily basis.

Some of them applauded Maryam Nawaz for presenting a fine definition of accountability which was totally in sync with how Pakistani politics work.

PML-N supporters have unified to condemn this decision by NAB and the government and maintained the narrative of political victimization at the hands of PTI due to Nawaz Sharif’s APC speech.

Some journalists opined that setting up Shahbaz Sharif could be an inside job by PML-N itself. He gave a reason that Nawaz Sharif may have wanted to sideline his emotional brother permanently. 

Citizens who were happy by Shahbaz’s arrest were also excited for upcoming accountability scene. Moulana Fazal-Ur-Rahman was reportedly summoned on 1st October and Asif Ali Zardari has also been charged for money laundering.

Supporters of the regime were also happy with this arrest who then congratulated the government for this huge achievement. Waqar Zaka praised the resiliency of PM Imran Khan and hinted that only one more important figure was left to arrest. It was a rather cryptic message because it is impossible that Pakistan has only one corrupt person left.

Funny Reactions on Shahbaz Sharif Arrest

Apart from the fierce political warfare, some of the Pakistani citizens love to laugh at the mockery of democracy in Pakistan. They have congratulated Maryam Nawaz for the arrest of Shahbaz Sharif because she was likely to be recognized as the acting leader of the opposition.

Others further ridiculed the arrested leader pertaining to his remarks about the motorway incident. He illogically commented that the road on which rape incident occurred was built by the supreme leader Nawaz Sharif. This memer made it even by proving that Nawaz Sharif was responsible for his arrest as the NAB chairman was allegedly appointed by the supreme leader of PMLN.

Some tried to imagine how premier would be feeling after knowing that NAB has arrested Shahbaz Sharif.

Corruption is detrimental to society’s wellbeing and one’s own soul. It may results in great humiliation along with a punishment (depends on the government). This is why few intellects have advised to refrain from this activity as it has killed many souls in Pakistan. A dead soul can cause more harm than a dead body.

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