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Controversial Video of Shaheen Afridi Raises Serious Social Media Debate

Coincidentally, two Pakistani celebrities one from the showbiz industry and the other from sports remained dominant on Pakistani social media scenes for their personal videos on the same day. After Rabi Peerzada’s personal videos got leaked online, a Twitter user came forward with a controversial video of Pakistani cricketer Shaheen Afridi. And, here began a debate that encompasses the right to privacy, accusation for the sake of defamation, #MeToo, #HeToo and purpose of making something viral for the sake of distractions.

After seeing all this drama, the trolls were not coming slow.

Controversial Video of Shaheen Afridi

A Twitter account with the name of Tik Tok star Hareem Shah posted Shaheen Afridi’s video ( a blurred one) claiming that the cricketer was doing shameful activity while talking to a girl on a video call. Soon after the video went viral #ShaheenAfridi started trending on Twitter and Pakistanis were like…

It was time to move to some other planet.

The entire episode was making the angry fan meme of cricket world cup 2019 fame more relatable.

Interestingly, the original video was posted by account @iHareemShah, the Tik Tok star later confirmed that she had no account on Twitter. And, what seems to be a revenge porn video of cricketer Shaheen Afridi was not posted by her.

Here is the link to Shaheen Afridi’s controversial video and it doesn’t seem fully comprehensible as the context is not much known.

The controversial video of Shaheen Afridi is not the first of its kind, earlier such a video of British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan had also surfaced.

Why Post on Social Media?

Shaheen Afridi is not the first Pakistani cricketer to become a subject of controversy. Earlier, the batsman Imam-ul-Haq had also become the talk of the town after women accused him of cheating them.

The question arises is why people have become so comfortable sharing such stuff on social media. Either they have lost faith in law enforcement agencies or they don’t think there are authorities or institutions that can address their grievances and then they ultimately turn to social media.

There do exist such laws in Pakistan. victims, accused and anyone who faces such an issue can appeal to the authorities for getting justice.

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