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Viral Shaheen and Warner Memes from Test Match Make People Laugh

A video is making rounds on social media showing Australian batter David Warner and Pakistani pacer Shaheen Afridi engaging in a funny standoff. This clip is taken from Australia vs Pakistan Test match at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore when Afridi delivered the last ball of the match and Warner defended it beautifully. After bowling, Afridi ran up to the opener and both stared into each other’s eyes for a moment. It looked like something was about to happen but then both turned away with a smile. The funny interchange might have lasted for seconds but it left a long-lasting impression on the viewers. They have been sharing Shaheen and Warner memes in various forms on social media. Here is the viral clip from the match.

Shaheen and Warner Memes Give Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan Vibes

The first thing that came to viewers’ minds after watching the viral clip is the astounding height gap between Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. There are many Shaheen and Warner memes that compare the cricketers with the Bollywood couple. Afridi reflects the tall height of Amitabh whereas Warner looks short Jaya when both are standing face to face.

Just Like a Bollywood Love Story

Many romanticize Shaheen and Warner memes to make things even funnier. One was like a poster of a popular Bollywood love story Aashiqui 2. They made both of them look like a couple who was about to do something sexually intimate.

Funny Dialogues from Movies

Some even captioned some dialogues from Bollywood films that fit well on the image. These are popular lines from the horror movie ‘Raaz’ which contains a conversation between a female ghost and a man. The ghost warns the man to stay away from her otherwise she will destroy him but the seduced man insists on getting destroyed. Besides, Shaheen and Warner memes, this dialogue has been used on many memes before.

Batman and Catwoman

When Matt Reeves’ Batman trailer revealed a spectacular alliance of Batman and Catwoman, the image went so viral that it produced memes of its own. Now that image has been compared with the dramatic face-off in Shaheen and Warner memes.

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