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Shahid Afridi Gets Called As Johnny Sins of Pakistan After His Viral Video

Pakistani cricket’s heartthrob Shahid Afridi is making headlines for his obscure social media video. The former cricketer who earlier got caught up in a controversy for his views on Kashmir is now getting the tag of Pakistan’s Johnny Sins for his dubious role in a viral video.

Let’s take a look at video and what folks are saying about it.

What is Making Shahid Afridi Earn Tag of Johnny Sins ?

The said video which is perhaps an Ad shoot shows Afridi in the role of Engineer, Doctor, Director, Driver and also dressed as an Arab man. Those who know Johnny Sins need not wonder why social media users gave Afridi this tag.

Viewers were so quick to imagine who else was capable of switching as many professions as Afridi is doing in this video.

And people really couldn’t figure out what else to call their once fastest cricket centurian in the world for his multi-role in the video irrespective of how lame the comparison may have sounded.

Even Afridi mentioned in his video that he will soon reveal the reason behind is multi-profession role if it is confusing viewers.

Similar Reaction from Every Social Media Platform

The video was also shared on Facebook and viewers had the same response. Like Johnny was literally the first person to surface on mind screen after they saw Afridi impersonating diverse professions.

What Could Possibly be the Video About

Shahid Afridi has taken retirement from cricket and only plays leagues. Despite this he continues to remain in spotlight for his social activities, being vocal on various issues and his charity endeavors. It is being assumed that the said advertisement can be for promoting his some charity venture or may be something for a brand.

Why Calling Afridi Johnny Sins

The reason behind such a weird comparison is obvious. But, it also reveals who Pakistanis are obsessed with Johnny Sins is an adult filmstar and the videos in which he appears are probably banned in country. Well, in the era of digital proliferation such a familiarity should come as no surprise. Folks in Pakistan always find ways to make these actors relatable. It’s not been too late when some Pakistani youngsters couldn’t find a better way to mock the University of Sargodha than a Mia Khalifah admission application.

Well, thanks to social media folks for bringing out hilarious for what seems mysterious.

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