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Why Sharmila Faruqi is Reporting Nadia Khan to Cybercrime?

Controversial morning show host Nadia Khan has been facing criticism after making a video of Anisa Faruqi, the mother of PPP leader Sharmila Faruqi. In the video, it appears that Khan is complimenting Faruqi’s mother and asking her where she got her make-up skills. The video put off a lot of users because the way Khan was making a video made her seem sarcastic. Many felt that she was mocking the elderly lady for “overusing” the make-up. So did the politician, who bluntly replied that Khan was a “shameless” woman, who she would report to cybercrime.

The actress has deleted the original video from Instagram.

Sharmila Faruqi vs Nadia Khan

Those who know Nadia Khan are aware that the actress-cum-host mostly does morning shows that cater to the elite audience of Pakistan. She often lands herself in hot waters due to her weird activities to gain attention. Viewers thought that with this new video, she was doing that again at the expense of Faruqi’s mother. They supported Faruqi and slammed Khan for being a fool once again. The politician thanked the citizens in an Instagram story for supporting her. She also assured that she would not sit back and let anyone ridicule or mock a woman, especially an old lady who lost her husband 95 days ago. Faruqi vowed to file a complaint at the FIA cybercrime division.

Some users were reportedly trying to get Faruqi to attack Khan personally for what she did to her mother. However, Faruqi said she would not stoop as low as Khan and attack her personal “polygamy” and professional “shenanigans”. She continued that she respected others’ struggles in personal and professional life.

Those in Support of Khan

Some users also came in support of Nadia Khan. They opined that there was no issue, and Sharmila Faruqi created one out of thin air. They defended Khan and said she was genuinely praising her mother, but Faruqi took offence due to her own insecurities regarding her mother.

However, if Khan was really genuine with her comments, she would not have deleted the video. Khan told the media that Faruqi could go to cybercrime if she wanted, but it was redundant to drag the issue as she deleted the video. Khan also said that things would escalate if she spoke further on the matter.

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