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People are disgusted after watching Shawn and Camila kissing

Shawn and Camila have been appearing in the news a bit too much and it is not because of their music, but for their closeness. Yet again the duo is in the spotlight for showing what can only be described as awkward affection.

I’m Gonna Be Sick After Watching Shawn and Camila Kiss

The scene is getting mixed opinions from Twitter users.

Apparently, after watching both the pop stars kiss and whatever that was folks have become traumatized so horribly that they can’t sleep and say they will admitting themselves into medical care.


The video has generated so much hate from people that they have threatened to block anyone who tags them the video of Shawn and Camila kissing on tweeter.


Are They Lesbians…

There were other questions as well.


For some reason, the majority of hate tweets are coming from K-pop fans who are repeatedly posting videos and pictures of various k-pop groups to help people forget the horrible video both the singers have posted.

A Puke worthy Show

Disgust was evident from the kind of words Tweeples used to express their feelings regarding the video.

Celebrities are known to do some of the most stupid things just to stay in the limelight, but unlike other people in the showbiz, Shawn and Camilla were considered to be responsible or mature one whom others look up to. Such a fierce reaction from the public might have come because they didn’t expect the star couple to behave this way on the screen.


It was not mere outrage on that clip. In fact, there were some comparisons as well. Viewers might have been less defended if Shawn and Camila would have done that a lot better.

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