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Shehroz Sabzwari Faces Criticism For Defending His Second Marriage

Pakistani drama fans have been brutally criticizing Shahroz Sabzwari for separating with the beloved Syra Yousaf and marrying Sadaf kanwal. He tried to defend his second marriage in a video posted on social media.

He appeared angry at the public for giving remarks on his personal life matter. He maintained that he and his previous wife were separated on mutual terms. He stressed that it wasn’t because of infidelity and he did not cheat on Syra Yousaf.

Many people were not bothered by this explanation instead they reacted in many enlightening ways.

They Found Shehroz Sabzwari’s Explanation Funny

People found it hilarious seeing a guilty man trying to defend himself by any means necessary. It did not make sense how religious references were again used for personal gains and empty challenges were made to people who were praising Syra Yousaf on her response

A Hard Time In Accepting New Relation

For many drama fans this relationship has come off as very distasteful. Sabzwari and Sadaf pretended they were only friends in fact like brother-sister but what is this? Any kind of contamination in friendships or ‘like a sister’ relationship diminishes the value of that relationship.

There Was An Attack on His Acting Skills As Well

Judging from the tone, choice of vocabulary, and body language, people deduced that Shahroz is pulling an act. Some of them finally admitted that he was a good actor.

There were also others who thought that it was not only acting but overacting. This popular Akshay Kumar meme shows what people think of Sharoz Sabzwari defending his nikah with Sadaf Kanwal.

Drama fans observe acting clearly and ruled that this explanatory video was his best performance ever

Potential Morning Show Content?

This new marriage will surely not help Shehroz in pleasing his fan following but it can bring some commercial success. Given the high society- low prosperity culture of Pakistan, this couple will get constant attention while more pressing matters will get overlooked.

Perfect Couples Do Not Exist

People were hurt after they realized that their couple goals are actually an illusion that only exists in dramas and films. In real life, people have to struggle and survive while being surrounded by a number of crises. Which is why people develop trust issues and often miss the moments of opportunity.
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