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Shehzad Roy Corrects Anupam Kher for Sharing the Wrong Video

Shehzad Roy corrected the renowned Bollywood actor and host, Anupam Kher on Twitter. Kher tweeted about kids performing a song that he assumed to be a patriotic hymn to present a tribute to India and Mahatma Gandhi. He admired their musical sense and appreciated them because they were using only boxes, sticks, cans, and a flute to produce music and perform their act. The appreciation was heightened since the little boys didn’t have any proper musical instruments. The celebrity also asked where the kids were from and Roy responded with an intriguing answer. 

Shehzad Roy Explains Real Story Behind Video 

While responding to Anupam Kher’s tweet, Shehzad Roy briefed him about the regional background of kids. i.e., Hunza, Pakistan. The singer stated that he was the one who shared the video first and thanked the actor for sharing it again. Besides, Shehzad claimed that he has been in touch with these young and talented boys as he has also provided them with all the musical instruments they need to embrace and enhance their gift of music.  

What Created The Confusion? 

Kher was not the only person to get confused. Many Indians were also assuming that these Kids belonged to some northern area in India. A big factor to elevate the confusion was its tune, which has been used for the lyrics of both Indian and Pakistani songs. As a matter of fact, there have been multiple renditions too. For example, a very popular song “Bande Mein Tha Dum Vande Mataram” from the Bollywood movie ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai” has the same tune and music. Thereby the assumptions and appreciations from the people of Bharat were flooding the platforms. Some Pakistanis second Shehzad Roy and corrected the actor. They shared the original 80s Pakistani song “Aao Bachon Sair Karain Tum Ko Pakistan Ki” and trolled Indians for copying it and presenting it as their own.

Also, this isn’t the first time that Pakistanis are trolling Indians for copying their piece of work. Three years ago, an Indian politician was under fire for stealing a Pakistani song. The public was furious and made social media platforms their battleground to get back at him.

Active Participation in Social Work

The claim that Shehzad Roy helped the children from Hunza with musical instruments is undoubtedly believable due to his nature of helping the underprivileged. According to fans, a very inspiring thing about Shehzad is that with all the fame in the music industry he didn’t choose to be just an artist. He also focused on approaching those children who had been forced to join the labor community in order to earn wages. The singer became a social worker and put them on the path of literacy. His fans must be familiar with the “Zindagi Trust”. Roy formed and established the organization to raise funds for the poor children whose parents couldn’t afford their education. The trust educated thousands of children. Not only that but Zindagi helped the victims of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes in Pakistan. 

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