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She’s a 10 Meme Explains Why Everyone is Not Perfect

Almost all social media users might have come across ‘she’s a 10 meme’ going viral on the internet. In this trend, users rate an imaginary person and then state their major flaw, which can drastically reduce the rating. First, they place them at a perfect ten and then mention something about that person, which is a big turn-off. The trend highlights human nature that whenever people fall in love, they usually ignore or accept all the flaws in that person. It is because nobody is perfect, but there is still someone out there who loves them with all their heart.

She’s a 10 Meme is Relatable for Many

‘She’s a 10 meme’ has been used in many contexts. Some have used it to describe others, while many have applied it to themselves. It allowed people to embrace thier flaws and still consider themselves a perfect 10. On a second note, it might not be a flaw at all but something that some may consider a ‘red flag’ for a potential relationship. Here’s one of the examples in which a user says she’s a 10 but rarely likes her own pictures.

In most cases, the 10 rating is in terms of external beauty, and the following sentence is something that makes that person hard to deal with. So, in another sense, it may also act as a warning for potential suitors to stay away from that particular person if they cannot handle thier interests.

There are hundreds of memes on this particular subject, and it seems they are already starting to piss people off. However, the interesting part is that the haters eventually had to give in to this trend in order to cancel those who were making it viral.

Going Beyond Romantic Relationships

While many were sharing ‘she’s a 10 meme’ in the context of dating or romance, others chose to talk about something else. Here’s one user who shared a picture of her pet dog, rating it 10 out of 10 while admitting that it would start biting her toes whenever she would try to sleep. It also showed how much the owner loved her dog, even though it could probably hurt her.

While many used 10 as a rating, some got creative with it and used it as an actual number. Football fans are familiar with the significance of squad number 10, which is usually worn by a key playmaker or a driving force behind every attack. Many legendary footballers have done the number 10 jersey over the years. This one probably refers to Lionel Messi, who can play in any attacking position, such as attacking midfielder, winger, striker, centre-forward, or false 9.

The Origin

Originally, ‘she’s a 10 meme’ went viral on TikTok as a game involving users imagining scenarios where they had a perfect partner, but only one personally trait decreased thier attractiveness. On TikTok, it was not always “she” but people also used “he’s a 5” or “they’re a 7”. However, on Twitter, users have to use a single phrase for the trend to go viral. So when it started with ‘she’s a 10 but….’ everybody posting after that followed suit with thier own takes on the trend.

It’s similar to how the ‘it’s better than drugs Jeremy‘ trend picked up when thousands of people started to mention things they loved better than drugs.

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