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Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra Get Accused of Fraud and Cheating

On Saturday, a 25-year-old businessman named Yash Nitin Barai approached the Bandra police to file a case against Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, her Husband Raj Kundra, and Kashif Khan, the director of SFL Fitness PVT Ltd. As per the police officials, the complainant accused them of fraud. They fooled him into investing Rs 1.5 crore in the business. The Accuser claimed that Shetty and others had promised to return the money with good profit but failed to do so. In fact, they weren’t even planning to refund as it was nothing but a con.

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra Face Case of Fraud against Them

According to a policeman, Yash Nitin told Bandra police that Shilpa Shetty, Kundra, and Kashif discussed with him and his father about extending the SFL business in Pune. They wanted to open a franchisee of the company. Due to which they asked his father for investing Rs 1.5 crore. He told that after the representatives of their business had visited the project’s site, both father and son met them personally to strike the deal. They paid the amount in full too. The dealings and meetings happened between July 2014 and May 2015.

The businessman then found out that there was no building of franchisee in progress and the accused were probably not even planning to start the alleged project. That is when Nitin became curious and inquired Kashiff Khan about it. Upon which, he mentioned that they have failed to open the desired franchisee and will soon return the money. An officer stated that in 2015, Barai lodged a complaint against the three but took it back after they assured him about the return of his investment.

Police Investigation on Life Threats and Fraud

Reportedly the complaint against the three turned into a case when the businessman, Barai accused them of threatening him and his father. The police official said that Khan allegedly threatened them multiple times for asking to return the money. Moreover, the officials are looking into the matter and investigating the event. For now, nothing has been proven yet and officials are questioning the alleged culprits.

Shilpa Presented Her Stance on Social Media

On November 14, Shilpa Shetty tweeted about the whole scenario and revealed that the whole incident had nothing to do with her and Raj Kundra. She practically threw Kashiff Khan under the bus by saying that he was the one handling the business and they didn’t even know about the transactions. Shetty mentioned khan took the naming rights of SFL in order to expand the business across the country. As per her post, she and her husband never took a single rupee from the accuser. And Khan deals with the transactions and clients. In fact, the company was shut down in 2014. Lastly, the post said that Shilpa was heartbroken to witness that her 28 years of hard work and efforts were being dragged through the dirt.

Apparently, the recent year hasn’t been a delight for the Kundra Family. A few months back, Raj was arrested for making and selling adult films. Also, Shilpa Shetty burst at her husband for selling pornographic content. Later, the court released him on bail after paying the guarantee money of PKR 50,000. Some fans have been relating the incident with the recent case as they think that Raj Kundra and Shetty are just facing the consequences of being popular.

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