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SHO Involved in Alleged Murder of ATM Thief Suspended

An ATM thief who went viral over the internet for sticking his tongue out while stealing from an ATM has passed away after being administered to extreme beating allegedly. The SHO in charge of the situation has been suspended and an inquiry has been launched.

SHO Suspended After Video of Torture Went Viral

Salahuddin a suspected atm thief belonging to Rahim Yar Khan had lost his life while in police custody as a result of the harsh beating he received during the interrogation process reportedly. The video of the theif in Police custody had went viral causing severe criticism from the social media for such a brutal treatment of person who is merely an accused.

Salahuddin’s body was later taken to the hospital for postpartum and was held in the mortuary until his family came to claim him. According to the victim’s mother her son suffered from a mental disorder and it was highly unlikely for him to steal.

People Reaction over the Mistreatment of the ATM Thief

It’s not an unusual thing to hear that the police the very institution that has been designed to protect and preserve order can commit some of the most inhuman acts known to man.

A Call for Police Reforms…

Regimes in Pakistan has used the police as their personal assets to do their dirty deeds. As a result of such tradition inherited from the colonial past police has been transformed into a corrupt and monstrous institution that mistreats the local population. There is a strong need to reform the police to prevent further mistreatment of innocent civilians by the police.

Others are questioning why rich thieves are allowed to walk freely and given protocol while poor thieves are beaten or killed.

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