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Is OPPO Working on a Side Camera Phone for Taking Better Images?

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO may be planning to introduce a handheld device that supports a side camera. Smartphone cameras have gone through major innovations in recent years such as notch display, rotating, punch-hole, and pop-up. However, the side camera phone is yet to be seen which OPPO seems to develop soon.

According to reports, the company filed for a patent in Feb 2021 and World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) approved the design for development on Sept 16. Experts are discussing the benefits of the side-mounted camera since OPPO says it will capture moving objects.

How Side Camera Phone is Going to Work?

The sketches of the imminent side camera phone patent reveal that the company is using a mirror system instead of dedicating a separate sensor on the side. This reflective rotating mirror system helps the primary sensor to perform the function of two. The lens does not move but shifts its focus to another direction with the use of a mirror. It allows the primary sensor to automatically detect certain subjects that may fall outside of the frame. This way the user’s perspective can cover a wider area while taking images.

Whenever the subject moves out to the right side, the mirror will rotate and activate the side camera to capture the complete event. Smartphone experts argue that the use of mirrors is a cost-efficient strategy by the company as there was no requirement for additional cameras.

Upgrade to the Standard Camera Set-Up

The critics often mention various limitations related to the existing camera setup in Apple, Samsung, and other brands in the market. Mobile photographers and videographers have faced problems in shooting fast-moving objects because the mobile camera doesn’t focus as quickly as professional ones.

Critics explain that when shooting a speeding car, a photographer may have to move the camera into the exact position to capture the optimal image. However, it is not always simple for an average mobile user which is why the captured shot is undesirable. OPPO seeks to address this issue by developing a side camera phone that may be able to produce sharper images.

Not the Only Innovation from OPPO

Besides OPPO’s new side camera phone concept, the company has also patented a dual-sided pop-up camera. It also uses mirror technology to move the focus towards or backward the users. However, these are still concepts which means they can also get shelved before reaching the implementation phase. Moreover, many of the best smartphones from big companies have still not introduced pop-up camera features which may indicate the lack of faith in this technology.

It is also not clear if OPPO has started working on the project or just monitoring the reaction. Critics strongly believe that if such a device does come out, then it is going to be highly expensive which would be unlike its other product lines that are perceived as affordable.

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