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Here Are the Signs that Prove You Are Still Stuck in Past

People have a bad habit of living in the past and what even worse is the fact that they don’t want to leave it. Irrespective of the progress the whole world is making they tend to stick to their old beliefs. Well, the way an average person judges someone who is stuck in the past is amusing. Folks on social media have often talked about how not believing in let bygone be bygone can affect a person and their habits

Here are a few of the habits that show people are stuck in past.

What Makes You Look Like Being Stuck in Past

Human beings have been designed to adapt to all situations. It’s pretty obvious that when  stuck in the past they keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again

The Problem of sticking to the past is not personal. In fact, it is societal and depicts well in human behavior controlled by historic events. One example of such a case is the rampant racism which is still a characteristic of many human beings

Despite the government’s repeated efforts to stop racism, the problem is still prevalent very prevalent. This problem has gotten so bad that it has made people migrate from one place to another at different times.

Saying No to Technology

The development of technology has bridged the gap between human beings substantially and has allowed them to communicate with each other whenever and where ever but for some, it seems the old ways are still the best way to communicate and have a decent human conversation. Such a practice may give them a title of being stuck in past but it just makes them what they are according to their satisfaction.

Twitter and other social media platforms after getting multiple complaints from users about getting messages from people they don’t want to, added a block feature that stopped the sender from sending you messages. In order to send or receive messages from them, you need to unblock them. It appears people can’t understand this fact and of course they keep in sending those messages because they are stuck in past.

That is Definitely Old

Certain dance moves like the hammer dance were amusing and cool in the early days, but now these moves are just too awkward.

The advancement in mobile technology have made phones accessible to everyone but still, there are people who prefer public calling booths.

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