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Simpsons Music Composer Sues Fox Studios for Firing Him

Simpsons is the longest-running cartoon TV series that has entertained many generations. One of the many things the cartoon series is known for is its iconic and vibrant music segments that were composed by Composer Alf Clausen who is suing Fox Studios for firing him.

Fox Studios Fired Me For The Wrong Reasons Say ALF

According to the lawsuit filed after composing music for 27 years the 78-year-old music composer was sacked because of his age and perceived disabilities in 2107. At the time of his departure, the show’s bosses acknowledged his tremendous contributions.

According to media reports, Fox Studios replaced ALF with a company called Bleeding Fingers Music, a music production company co-founded by Russell Emanuel, Hans Zimmer, and Steve Kofsky.

The lawsuit filed further stated that the new composer is too young and is underplayed. The lawsuit filed names Fox, its new owner Disney and James L Brooks’ Gracie Films.

He is the Winner of Two Emmys

The music composer has composed music for at least 550 episodes and has been nominated for 23 Emmy’s. The Simpsons music composer won two Emmy’s for his outstanding music work in episodes that aired in 1997 and 1998 in association with lyricist Ken Keeler.

Simpsons-The Longest Running TV Show

Simpsons is best known for making predictions like legalizing of Marijuana in Canada and Donald Trump becoming the US President.

In total, the show has aired 662 episodes in other words the 30 seasons have been aired so far with the thirty-first season set to be aired on Sep 20, 2019. The plot of the longest-running TV series comprises of a typical American family that lives in a small town called spring field. Homer, the head of the family works at a power plant. His family includes three kids, a dog and marge his lovely long blue haired permed wife.

According to the plot, the homer is not that smart and often find himself being conned or misled by his family into doing what they want rather than doing the is the right thing.

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