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Sindh Government Developing Software to Recover Phone

How Government Intends to Deal with mobile snatching?

Phone snatching in Pakistan is an omnipresent phenomenon. And unfortunately, most of us know someone whose phone has been snatched. This is not only downright terrible but also makes one miserable. All your important phone data is lost and you are feeling helpless by giving all that data to your phone.

There is another angle to snatched phones, which makes it more dangerous. A lot of the snatch phones can end up with criminals of all hue and color. This is something that can turn our life into a nightmare.

Sindh Government meeting on Phone Snatching

Government is finally trying to step up its game. Sindh Leadership organized a high level meeting to discuss this issue to bare thread. The government of Sindh is planning to develop a software which will enable users to track their lost or stolen phones. The meeting also overlooked the overall crime situation in the big metropolitan of Karachi. Many senior government officials participated in the meeting.Sindh Government Developing Software to Recover Snatched Phone

The software in progress will be able to track all kinds of snatched phones. This software has been programmed to register with the IMEI number of the mobile phone number.

Once a user asks a mobile phone operating company to block their SIM card, the phone will automatically be blocked. Sindh IG directed all stakeholders to complete their framework and present it for approval.

On the other end of the spectrum, PTA is taking its own course when it comes to getting back snatched or stolen phones.

  • PTA will be maintaining a list of allowed IMEIs.
  • All phone owners will be required to register IMEI numbers using their SIMM card.
  • Once a phone is listed it will be put in a blocked phones list.
  • Once an IMEI of a phone is blocked or if IMEI does not match registered SIMM card, it will not be allowed to connect to any mobile phone network in Pakistan.

A statement has already been issued regarding the use of this new software. As soon as the software is ready, as soon as a SIMM is inserted into a phone, the IMEI number will get registered. This is one thing which will not only deter thieves but also make the streets of Pakistan a lot safer.

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