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Joshua Trump Claims Fame after Falling Asleep at State of the Union Address

A sixth grader named Joshua Trump who attended the state of union address rose to fame after he fell asleep during Trump’s address. He sat next to the first lady and a Pittsburgh shooting synagogue survivor. 

How did Joshua Trump Got Invited in the first place?

After hearing about Joshua Trump horrible ordeal, the first lady asked him to attend that state of union address as a gesture of comfort to him. The first lady has been very actively taking part in anti-bullying campaigns.

The Joshua’s mother Megan Trump has expressed great concern about her son’s wellbeing She says her son was constantly bullied at school for his surname and had to drop out.

When he returned to attend middle school the abuse continued. To avoid being bullied on the bus, Joshua was placed on a separate bus for school, but that didn’t help much.

How Did Joshua Become Famous

Joshua Trump became famous after he fell asleep during the president’s speech at the state of the union . The internet has exploded in support of Joshua while mocking the president, saying that Trump deserves nothing more than that.

Other are saying  that he is using his executive time rather well   like President Trump.

There were those who welcomed him to resistance.

And some feel he rules.

The way some people showed their support for the boy  is just wrong.

In a statement from Joshua’s family, they appreciated the first lady for what she did as it was a reasonable attempt to give the boy the much-needed courage. They requested that anti-bullying laws be actively in forced and better school regulation introduced.

Thought people feel bad for what happened to Joshua Trump many are questioning the real motives behind this act. Some feel this is nothing more than a stunt to make a better image for themselves.

The main objection folks had was why a kid was being dragged into politics.

Just a hypocrisy of POTUS.

Others think that this is the worst mistake made as this will not help Joshua and will only increase his pain.

People believe that this was not the right time or place for such an act. People are of opinion that they shouldn’t have invited a child at a political event.

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