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How Sleeplessness or Insomnia Can Destroy Your Health?

Sleeplessness is a problem that many of us underestimate. Our inability to go to sleep on time can severely damage our health. Sleep deprivation can be the result of many lifestyle changes and our interaction with technology.

Sleeplessness, Insomnia and Our Health

Here are how insomnia impacts our health.

Psychological Impacts

Many of us have different types of mental impacts that we have to fight. Sleeplessness only adds to that condition. Researchers suggest that if do not get full sleep time, it may increase our anxiety levels. This nervousness is neither good for our mind nor our body. Therefore, it is essential that we get a good night sleep. People who are already struggling with psychological issues will have worse effects of sleep deprivation.

A Less Productive Work Day

Productivity is an essential element of a proactive lifestyle. Productivity is not only necessary to get work done, but it also gives us a sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment keeps on going and empowering us to do more stuff. However, insomnia can result in creating problems for our ability to timely complete our tasks. The sleeplessness severely impacts our ability to thinking clearly. Therefore, for individuals who have to accomplish tasks each day, they must become more productive.

Sleeplessness or Insomnia Destroys Health

Unwanted Mental Alertness

There is no single factor that we can point out towards anxiety and depression. However, the lack of quality sleep can result in more mental alertness. When we have sleeplessness, it resultantly increases the level of depression. You get a sense of having an unnaturally alert psychological state. There is a noticeable increase in heart rate. Also, people facing insomnia have increased adrenaline rush. Therefore, insomnia also impacts your ability to focus on given tasks.

Impacts on Our Skin

Sleeplessness may also impact your looks in different ways. People who suffer from insomnia may have puffy eyes. Even, you may start to see dark circles under your eyes. When you do not have enough sleep, your body reacts in weird ways. Thus, you are not able to look fresh. The skin starts lacking in freshness because of limited blood supply to vital organs of your body. Therefore, lack of oxygen accumulates deoxygenated blood in these organs, which can be bad for health. People who get enough sleep have their growth hormones working in perfect order. However, on the contrary, sleeplessness result in your body not given a chance to repair itself.

Insomnia or sleeplessness does not help us in any way. Therefore, we must always sleep at least 8 hours and avoid staying up late to watch TV or do other activities. We must recognize the cost that our body has to pay for not going to sleep on time.

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