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Smart Bats and More Technology to Embrace Cricket

There is a lot of technique involved in playing that perfect shot. Technology is invading different places in our daily lives. ICC Champions Trophy 2017 will introduce the smart bats for the game of cricket.

What Makes These Bats, “Smart Bats”?

These smart bats will have swing sensing chips inside them. Several batsmen will use these bats for the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

Each team will have three batsmen to use these smart bats. These chips will generate data on every swing of the bat.

The use of this technology will evaluate important traits of batting. Some of the data collected will include bat speed, back lift, and follow-through.

The BatSense Technology

Intel has developed these smart bats using Batsense sensors. The coaches will be able to analyze the data from these sensors to work on their team’s performance. Similarly, commentators will be able to comment on the varying styles of different batsmen.

Technology will enable cricket experts to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the batsmen. Batsmen can use this technology to work on their technique and overcome batting deficiencies.

Cricket playing enthusiasts can get their hands on this technology by the end of this year. Similarly, aspiring cricketers who want to improve their batting skills can learn a lot from smart bats. India, US, Australia, and the UK are expected to have this technology by the end of 2017.

Players to Use BatSense

Smart Bats and More Technology to Embrace CricketEach team will have three players using the smart bats. India and England have announced the names of their batsmen using the technology.

Indian Players to Use Smart Bats

  • Rohit Sharma
  • Ajinkya Rahane
  • Ravichandran Ashwin

English Players who will play with Smart Bats

  • Ben Stokes
  • Jason Roy
  • Alex Hales

Use of Drones for Pitch Analysis

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 will use the drones to analyze the pitch. The Intel Falcon 8 Drone will use infrared cameras to analyze the pitch before each match. The colorful data shared by the drone will look at its various aspects. The drone will give an overview of the grass health, topology, and grass cover. The commentators will use this pre-match pitch report to provide an overview of the playing conditions.

Immersive Virtual Reality for the Fans

Intel also plans to introduce the virtual reality technology for a more enjoyable viewing experience. The in-stadium fans will have access to the VR experience zones to view an immersive cricketing environment.

The players will be able to use a head mounted view to test their batting skills. The batsmen can use smart bats with the virtual technology to improve on their level of skill.

You can read about ICC’s new rules on using lighter bats in cricket earlier covered by HoursTV.

Smart Bats and Pakistani Batsmen

Pakistan has long struggled in the batting department. Despite changing different batting coaches, our team has rarely shined in the batting department. Let us hope as Pakistani cricket fans that this technology brings a miraculous change we always wanted to our batting line up. Only time will tell if Pakistani batsmen can smartly use the “smart bat” technology.

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