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These Are the Top 8 Smartest Countries in the World

Do the world’s superpowers also make for the smartest countries in the world? The answer is surprisingly no. And, do the most educated nations are also the smartest one? Again the answer is no.

Well, the list of the most intelligent nations doesn’t include the United States, Germany, UK, and Russia but it indeed consists of the countries that have surprised the world with their performance in different fields. The names are not as much surprising like the list of happiest countries in the world, but they do give an idea about which nations can be the smartest on the globe.

Smartest Countries in the World

The following list of the most intelligent countries in the world is based on a psychologist Richard Lynn’s research who examined the IQ from the citizens of 80 countries around the globe. Apart from giving a list of the countries with highest IQ this list also establishes a link between the difference in National Income and difference in IQ. But, these interpretations are controversial and debatable.

But, the list seems to be authentic as its various updated version shows countries occupying the similar positions with a little bit of swapping.

Smartest Countries in the World

Hong Kong

On top of the list is Hong Kong, a country which is more like the business hub of Asia. The country is indeed not as economically developed as America or China, but it is an international financial hub due to its significance in maritime trade. The state also boasts a breathtaking skyline. According to under-discussion study average IQ in Hong Kong is 108, which is highest in the list. This small country is also one of the four Asian Tigers that developed exponentially due to industrialization. The nation at least proves the case the being home to smartest citizens has something to do with being a case study of how countries can undergo development at such a rapid pace.


Here we have another Asian Tiger on the list. The tiny island of Singapore is already famous for being an international business center. The country is also home to several multi-nationals. According to Lynn’s study, average IQ of Singapore citizens is also 108. The country shares the first spot with Hong Kong.

South Korea

Average IQ of South Korean citizens is 106 according to list which makes it occupy the second slot after Hong Kong and Singapore. So, South Korea is the third name in the list and another country which is South-East Asian and famous for its economic development. South Korea is also home to famous tech-giants like Samsung. LG electronics and automobiles like Hyundai. The country also proves the case for the relation of IQ with economic development.


Finally, we have an economic superpower on the list. Japan has an average IQ of 105. Interestingly, Japan is another Asian country on this list. The citizens of Japan are also known for their humbleness. The country’s culture is colorful, and its citizens relatively depict a cool and calm attitude. The nation that has tolerated the torment of the atomic bomb and continues to bear natural calamities like Earthquakes has proven its economic supremacy by excelling in technology.

Its development indeed reflects the IQ of its citizens.


One can’t expect China to not make to the list of smartest countries in the world. The country is already gearing up to become the next economic superpower. The way, China has successfully penetrated in international markets through low price strategy, is indeed a proof of the nation’s smartness. Perhaps there was no need to research to know if Chinese are smart enough or not.


Taiwan is another country among four Asian Tigers. According to reference research average IQ of the country is 104. This East Asian state is also famous as a global financial hub. Its mountainous terrains, spring resorts, and busy nightlife continue to attract tourists from the entire world. Till now the list of the smartest countries in the world proves that geography has something to do with IQ if not only the economy, as most of the countries in this list are East Asian or South East Asian.


Finally, we have a European country that has made to this list. Average IQ of Italian citizens is 102. Italy is another prominent economy on the world map and famous for its tourist attractions, relics that date back to great Roman Empire and its cities floating on water like Venus.


There was no way for any Scandinavian country like Iceland to miss the list of smartest country in the world. The average IQ of its citizens is 101 which is equal to Mongolian and Switzerland citizens as well. This Nordic Island nation is known for its landscape, volcanoes, hot springs and breathtaking scenes. The country also offers one of the best sites to see Northern lights in 2018. Apart from natural sceneries, Vikings history museums and nightlife are other attractions that drag people from the globe to this place.


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