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These Snapchat Memes Make Crashing of App a Laughing Matter

Snapchat experienced some unknown issue on Thursday, 29th July due to which more than 40,000 users were unable to access their account for several hours. The photo-sharing app was crashing every time users tried to open it. This led some folks to make hundreds of Snapchat memes to make fun of the situation they were going through. According to the reports, Down Detector kept receiving non-stop complaints from the US, Europe, Mexico, and Australia.

The company tweeted that it was aware of the issue and was trying to solve it. In the meantime, the users kept on expressing their frustrations on social media.

About 7 hours later, the tech giant announced that they had resolved the issue.

Snapchat Memes Suggest are Some Still Facing Issues

This is not the first time this app has suffered this issue. Last year, some technical issues affected a wide range of users who could not use camera features. Some also got stuck on a black screen after opening the app. Reports of crashes also came in last month but it was fixed quickly. Now for this latest problem, despite the claims by the tech giant, some users were still unable to open the app after updating it. Many Snapchat memes were revolving around this fact.

It Reminds them of a Popular Disney Character

To make fun of the company’s announcement, they related it with the nose of Pinocchio that gets longer and longer after each lie.

Feelings of Distress

Maybe it was not the Snapchat addition but the inability to see what was behind those ever-popping up notifications that was causing this level of distress.

Snapchat Memes Show Public Anger

Anger was another feeling common among the affected users of the crash. Some of them may have fought with the tech giant several times in their head.

The Pain of Not Being Included

Users kept on receiving notifications about others who were still active on the app and maintaining their streaks. It was probably the worst moment of their day when they were unable to join whatever their friends were doing.

Presumed Dead

When it still failed to work for some after the announcement, many shared Snapchat memes that portrayed the last moments of the app.

Few months before, WhatsApp and Instagram crashed which invited even funnier memes.

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