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So, Jeremy McLellan is Curious Why Aamir Liaquat Said Him Hi

Here comes a strange Twitter interaction with Pakistanis’ favorite but ‘controversial’ Jeremy McLellan and anchor person Aamir Liaquat. 

Now, people are saying Jeremy to stay away from Aamir Liaquat who is making headlines with his young wife Tooba Syed, for their recent marriage.

Exchange of Hi Between Jeremy McLellan and Aamir Liaquat

So, it all began with a Hi from Aamir Liaquat and no one, not even Jeremy knew the reason for it,

What Could be the Reason Behind Saying Hi

So, Jeremy took this interaction on lighter note and predicted if the anchor person wanted him to collaborate on his Netflix show. It is to be noted that Aamir Liaquat had made headlines for his announcement about producing his own Netflix show. 

The comedian also came up with a name “Mango & Cash” that sounds hilarious and goes well with what someone can expect to come from Aamir Liaquat.

People Are Asking Him to Stay Away

And, folks were advising Jeremy to stay away from the anchor who is perhaps one of the most despised celebrity in Pakistan for his game show stunts.

But, there were some hilarious comments too.

Like, this movie name suggestion,..

Mango and Hash…? Sounds Interesting !

What Could be the Real Reason Behind Interaction?

We don’t know about anything about past interactions of both these celebrities.

Recently, Jeremy had commented on a group photo from Aamir Liaquat’s second marriage function where a man clad in blue dress looked exactly like him. The American stand up comedian, who is more famous in Pakistan for being a social media celebrity for his “allegedly pretentious obsession”  with the country took a jibe at his apparent doppelganger’s tie.

But it seems that a Hi from a Pakistani anchor who always remains in the social media trends for his political and personal life events and an intriguing but hilarious response from an ambassador of Pindi Boys as his profile says, the comedian is just a way to keep social media audience engaged with another topic.

Well, whatever the reason is the communication between the duo was really entertaining , at least in term of hilarious response from the audience. 

And, Jeremy McClellan says he is more likely to become a Pakistani folklore for the next 300 years to come. And, who knows what if he becomes a folklore aimed to tell new generations about how foreign stand up comedians and bloggers portrayed positive image of Pakistan through their work?

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