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Social Media Demands Justice for Nasir Madni after He Was Brutalized

Pakistani self-acclaimed religious scholar Nasir Madni  has a huge following on Social Media and people love him for his critical and funny speeches. One of the speeches probably instigated an attack on him which was so horrible that left him naked, bruised, and scared. Now, all of social media is out to find Justice for Nasir Madni.

After the incident, Madni arrived at Lahore Press Club to show what happened to him which was a right choice rather than going to a Police Station to become a victim of some different game.

People from all over want Justice for Nasir Madni

The nation has forgotten the religious differences to get Justice for Nasir Madni and condemned the oppressor who couldn’t even stand a difference of opinion.

It is to be noted that Madni doesn’t have followers only, there are many who equate his way of speaking on religious matters to stand-up comedy and thus criticize him.

While, disagreement is fine using violence is not. Ordeal that Nasir Madni has met is a reminder how people have no regard for law and comfortably choose to commit crimes like subjecting a citizen to physical violence.

The victim was first kidnapped with planning and taken to a private place. The unidentified persons stripped him naked and tortured him on camera. They made him confess the crimes that he did not commit.

Due to the extreme violent nature of the video, it cannot be shared over here but it is available on social media.

Victim Was Abused And Mugged

According to reports the captors forcefully took passwords of his Social Media accounts and stole his mobile phone. Madni mentioned that the captors were referring to his critical analysis on the spread of coronavirus. Which can most probably be the reason for this kind of attack.

This is the speech that was suspected to have enraged the oppressors.

People are raising their voice to bring justice for Nasir Madni but will authorities comply?

Brutality Needs to Be Answered Immediately

The captors threatened to upload his nude videos on social media if he told anyone about the incident. Madni has appealed to the Chief Justice and Prime Minister of Pakistan to answer this brutality.

They have to take action because this nation is suffering from injustice long enough and now it is ready to fight, just like this valiant woman:

As long as the comments are not blasphemic, it is easier to endure for a normal person. So, what kind of person brutalizes the speaker for just having a difference of opinion?

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