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Social Media Is Outraged on Lynching of Young Rehan

The people of Karachi are demanding justice for a fifteen-year-old boy named Rehan who was inhumanely lynched to death by local residents of Karachi. The deceased was accused of theft. The incident caused an outrage on social media after the video of this brutal act was circulated on social media.

The Mistreatment of Rehan Is Not the First of Its Kind

The inhumane death of 15-year-old Rehan has sparked an outcry not only from Karachi but also from other parts of the country. A few years back. Mashal Khan, a university student was killed by a mob for allegedly posting blasphemous content online.

The accused in case of young Rehan have been arrested, and a first inquiry report against them has been filed. They will soon appear in court to initiate the hearing

People are requesting lawmakers not to let the culprits slide off easily. They are demanding the maximum sentence to make an example out of them.


Justice Must Prevail

Justice should be one and the same for all. Whether someone is poor or rich should not make any difference.  Everyone must be equal before law. Above all, no one has the right to take the law into their own hands.

What Was the Purpose of Making Video

The most worrying thing about this incident is that people standing there were just watching and making videos. No one bothered to stop the culprits from doing this inhumane act. Pakistani actress Mahira Khan while condemning the incident regretted on how the masses were desensitized.

Such an incident should be investigated with an eagle eye and everybody involved should be thoroughly investigated. No stone should be left unturned. The finding of the investigation must be made public.

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