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Painter Singer Going Viral on Social Media Gets Concert With Aima Baig

Social media once again take credit for being a claim to fame for another commoner; this time it is a painter singer whose video of singing Indian songs in his melodious voice went viral. Painter whose name is Muhammad Arif is going to perform in an Aima Baig concert, reportedly.

Earlier it was 12 years old kid who went viral for singing Dil Diyan Gallan and now it is Arif’s turn.

Painter Singer Going Viral

It all began with the viral video of the painter singer Muhammad Arif who was spotted singing Bollywood songs Channa Mareya and Hamari Adhori Kahani and who left social media in awe with his heart touching voice. Arif indeed is a gem and deserves to get mainstream attention.

Muhammad Arif Going Viral As Paintwala

Arif’s voice didn’t go unnoticed, and he soon captured the attention of social media. His fans asked users to promote him just like the famous chaiwala who astonished everyone with his stunning looks.

Arif Performing at Aima Baig Concert

The social media fame of Muhammad Arif didn’t go waste as he got a concert with famous Pakistani singer Aima Baig who got the breakthrough of her career in Coke Studio season 10. She is also the prior choice as would singer for Pakistani filmmakers. In a video message, Aima announced the painter singer Muhammad Arif will open one of his shows on Independence day of Pakistan. And, she is excited to promote the singer.

Aima even informed that Arif would even get a makeover from Nabila and Muneeb. So, fans are likely to witness a showbiz world customized painter singer ready to bring something new to already vibrant and lively scene of Pakistani music.

Muhammad Arif on Social Media

Painter singer Muhammad Arif seems all set to climb the ladder of fame while making a mark with his magical voice. He has already made his Twitter account where he shares stuff related to him. He is also using the hashtag #paintwala in the end of his posts.

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