Friday, December 8, 2023
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Social Media Worrying Indian Army Officers

Social media is not something new for Indian Army. This technology has been around for years. But it’s the mass availability of enabling technologies like smartphones and a fast internet connection that are changing the tide here.

The Jawans Not Given Good Food

One of the videos which went viral was the jawans not being paid good quality food. This Indian soldier pointed to the fact that he was doing his duty in minus temperatures. One can see the snow in the footage background on Social Media. The soldier was seen as clearly disgruntled by the behavior of his seniors. He talked about the corruption which was taking place at higher echelons of the power circle.

The man also went to the kitchen to show the cooking quality and ingredients used in the food items. This video did not make the Indian army revisit its food distribution strategy but also investigate the matter to its depth.

Second Video of Indian Army Soldier

If that video was not enough, another man made yet another video. This video was on a different subject, but it also talked about senior Indian officers behavior towards the soldiers.

The jawan went to say that the CO or Commanding Officer of the unit used the fighting armed troops to get his work done. He said that the CO at times called up to 20 army soldiers to his home. He was frustrated by the fact that Indian army did not hire them to take care of the CO’s family and instead they were taking care of the wife and kids of the commanding officer.

It felt as if he was disgruntled by the treatment of his senior officer to his juniors. It is a new phenomenon never before seen in the world. A lot of Indian army soldiers come on to social media to discuss and share their personal opinions. These kinds of viral videos show the power of disruption that social media possesses. It also exhibits how one can use social media to share their views in such powerful and disciplined institutions like the Indian Army. Let us see how many more Indian army soldiers come to social media to vent out their frustrations.

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