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South Korea Pledges Aid to North Korea Worth $8 Million

South Korea has worked out a plan to send aid to North Korea worth $8 million. The Ministry responsible for Unification stated that the aid to North Korea could not be linked to the global geopolitical situation. The decision comes after imposition of the new UN sanctions on North Korea.

Details of the Aid to North Korea

South Korea aims to send nutritional products worth $4.5 million. The country wants to help their northern neighbors’ children and pregnant women. The authorities in South Korea will use UN agencies like World Food Program to distribute the nutritional products. Similarly, aid to North Korea worth $3.5 million will be sent via UNICEF containing medical treatments and vaccines.

UNICEF and WFP on Aid to North Korea

Furthermore, the South Korean statement also indicated that WFP and UNICEF had asked the country to give aid to North Korea. Furthermore, the South Korean government spokesperson vowed to offer humanitarian assistance. The spokesperson also added that his country understood the poor health conditions of pregnant women and children.

The UNICEF regional director elaborated the North Korean children and women’s poor health conditions. Furthermore, he said that the UNICEF estimates that the acute malnutrition impacts approximately 200,000 children. Therefore, there is an increased risk of stunted growth and death in these children.

aid to North Korea

South Korean Government Struggling with Ratings

Earlier this month, the South Korean government had indicated a plan to send aid to North Korea. However, after the announcement, the country’s President Moon Jae-in saw a drop in his approval ratings in public. The new ratings, although high, have fallen for four consecutive months, standing at 65.7 percent.

Japan and the US Not Happy Over the Decision

South Korean government’s decision of aid to North Korea did not go well with the US and Japan. The inside sources have revealed that the Japanese PM did talk with the South Korean President on the phone about this issue. In response, the South Korean President had argued that the humanitarian aid to North Korea should not be mixed with the North Korean conflict.

Trump Administration is already threatening North Korea over its missile tests. In Trump’s recent UN address, the US President threatened to destroy the “rocket man.” China and Russia did suggest a few days ago that South Koreans should end their joint military exercises with the US. However, no response has yet been received on that front. North Korea is still to react to the aid offer from the South Korean government.

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