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Brits Are Missing John Bercow While Parliament Elects His Succesor

The speaker’s election is underway in the British parliament, after Britain’s celebrity parliamentary speaker John Bercow has decided to retire.

It’s The Curtain Call For John Bercow

Prior to becoming the speaker of the house, John Bercow served the country as a member of parliament on behalf of Buckingham. The honorable speaker served the country as an MP for the conservative party.

Bercow started his career as a speaker of the house in 2009, and since then, he has served the nation in that position with what can only be described as honorable. He immediately rose to fame as a result of his iconic sense of humor and manner of saying order.

Brits on John Bercow’s Retirement

Over time the level of love and respect Bercow has gained from his fellow countryman has grown exponentially, and there is no doubt that getting someone to replace him will very hard as few are gifted with such excellent reforming Speaker abilities.

Whenever the country needed strong political leadership or guidance Bercow was always there. He fought to preserve the right and the sanctity of the parliament and his fellow countryman to the best of his abilities, and in the process emerged a knight in shining armor. Where other wield swords and weapons, he wielded the power speech and wits. So it is safe to say that not all heroes come in a suit of armor. His retirement is truly a loss for the country. Without his services, it’s hard to say where the country would be.

What Will We Do Now

Some are still having trouble processing the fact that Bercow is no more and are failing to understand that the wheel of democracy will keep on rotating no matter what happens. The former will replace the latter.

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